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RCA Incidents


RCA Incidents represent user-impacting situations detected by our vuRCA Bot. Past Incidents are situations that have already transpired and been detected by the system.

When you access this category, you’ll receive detailed information about the incident, including its causes. This retrospective view helps you understand and learn from previous user-impacting events.

Forecasted Incidents are where the system proactively predicts potential user-impacting issues based on ongoing behavior. 

You’ll receive insights into upcoming problems and potential reasons for these forecasts. This proactive approach enables you to address concerns before they fully impact users, ensuring a smoother experience.

Navigating through RCA Incidents

  1. Incidents is your hub for managing and understanding user-impacting situations within your system. Here, you can:
    • Review Past Incidents: Get insights into what’s already occurred, along with their root causes.
    • Stay Informed About Ongoing Issues: Keep an eye on real-time incidents, both auto-resolved and user-cleared.
    • Predict Challenges: Anticipate potential issues to take proactive measures and ensure system reliability.
  2. RCA for an Incident: In your journey to ensure system reliability, the Incidents section is your go-to resource. It allows you to review past incidents, keep tabs on ongoing issues, and anticipate potential challenges. By simply clicking “Incidents” within the vuCoreML section, you can effortlessly access a wealth of information.
    • RCA: Delve into the probable root causes and components responsible for incidents, all explained in plain language.
    • Summary: Gain in-depth insights into each incident, including abnormal components, impacted segments, and metrics.
  3. RCA Incident Additional Features: The Incident Management System goes beyond incident detection and root cause analysis. It empowers you to provide essential feedback, share crucial reports, and configure the system according to your specific needs.
    • User Feedback: Shape incident detection by providing feedback on detected incidents. Mark false alarms and manually close resolved incidents, ensuring more accurate future detections.
    • Reports: Efficiently communicate incident details by downloading or sharing reports via email, Slack, WhatsApp, and more.
    • SettingsTailor the system to your requirements by reviewing and adjusting various parameters, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your needs.

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