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License Management


License Management in vuSmartMaps™ is a critical aspect of your platform experience. This section allows you to control and monitor your platform’s licensing.

A license for vuSmartMaps grants you access to the platform for a specific period, typically in the form of a .json file issued by VuNet upon successful platform installation. Within the License Management tab under vuSmartMaps, you’ll find various details and settings related to your license.

The Need for License Management

The License Management section plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of your vuSmartMaps platform for the following reasons:

  • License Validity Checking: Use the License Management UI to periodically verify the validity of your platform’s license to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Manual License Updates: You have the flexibility to update your license manually when needed, ensuring seamless access.
  • Usage Monitoring: Monitor and observe platform usage to ensure efficient utilization of your resources.

In essence, License Management is essential for maintaining the integrity of your vuSmartMaps platform by monitoring license validity, facilitating updates, and optimizing platform usage. This section empowers you to make informed decisions and ensure uninterrupted access to vuSmartMaps.


Before managing licenses, ensure that your Company Name, Email ID, and Phone number are accurate by checking Account Management > About > Company Information.

Navigating through the License Management Page

The Definitions page can be accessed from the platform left navigation menu by navigating to Account Management > License Management. 

On clicking the License Management, you will be redirected to the following landing page.

Details on the License Management Page

As shown in the above screenshot, there are details available related to the following:

  • License Validity
    • Days Left: Number of days left for expiry of license with deadline color indication in the ring is displayed here
    • Expires on: Date of expiry of the license is displayed here.

  • License Usage: Current Usage of the platform with respect to this license with color indication
    • Normal: 0-90% (green)
    • Impending: 91-100% (cyan)
    • Crossed:101-109% (amber)
    • Breached: >= 110% (red)

  • Usage Details: Usage details of various platform blocks are shown here.
    • Usage Limit
    • Actual Usage

      The above details for the following modules are shown in the license usage section:
  • Module: vuInfra360
    • Number of Servers
    • Number of Network Components
    • Count of Availability Monitoring
    • Count of Configuration Collector
    • Count of Netflow
  • Module: vuLogX
    • Size of Log data ingested per day
  • Module: vuBJM
    • Number of journeys configured
    • Count of applications
    • Count of infrastructure nodes
    • Count of transactions and TPS
  • Module: vuRemoteInsights
    • Number of synthetics
    • Frequency of runs per hour
    • Number of locations
  • Module: Utility
    • User

Updating the License

You must manually apply the license file after installing the vuSmartMaps. For vuSmartMaps trial installations, the license is applied and installed automatically.

Also, whenever you purchase additional units, you must update the license file.

Copy the license file to the system’s local hard drive where you access the vuSmartMaps.

  1. Click on the Upload License button, choose the license file, and click on Upload License.

  2. To verify that your license file is applied, check that the license you purchased appears in the License Management.

💡Note: Just make sure the Company Name, Email ID, and Phone number are correct by navigating to Account Management > About > Company Information.

License Enforcement

We have implemented license enforcement to show the expiry message and redirect the user to the license upload page. The following features are implemented for license enforcement:

  1. To show a message that “license is going to expire” on the last 30 days of license expiry, including the plugin and vuSmartMaps pages.
  2. To not show any UI except the License detail page, on license expiry.
  3. To show an error message to a user when a particular usage category has been exceeded.

The users will know beforehand that the license will expire which will make them take proactive steps to renew their license.

💡Note: We show the “License is expiring in x days” message at the top of all the pages, when the license is about to expire.

When the License is Expired

The user is navigated to the license management page where the user can upload the license. The user is redirected to the license upload page and the license expiry message is shown. The warning message appears like the following, by default when the license is expired.

In case, the user tries to navigate to other pages, an alert message appears as shown below:

💡Note: Users without “Manage License permission” attempting to log in with an expired license will receive an error message: “License for this platform has expired. Contact the system administrator” on the login pages.

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