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Alerts and Notification

With Alerting, you have the flexibility to create personalized alerts that match your specific needs. Whether you prefer simple alerts or more advanced correlated alerts, the options are extensive.

Discover the power of vuSmartMaps’ alerting capabilities, empowering you to stay informed, take swift action, and optimize your operational efficiency. Stay in control and respond effectively to events with vuSmartMaps Alerting.

  • Real-time Visibility: Gain real-time insights into high-fidelity events using the Alert console and dashboards to stay informed instantly.
  • Rule-Based Alert Generation: Define specific rules to generate alerts that matter most to you, ensuring you receive relevant notifications.
  • Flexible Alert Rule Modification: Modify alert rule behavior using a scripting interface, providing flexibility and adaptability to changing needs.

View Alerts

It provides guidance on where to find notifications. You can access them here:

  1. Bell Button Notification: Located at the top right corner of vuSmartMaps pages, this bell-shaped icon displays recently generated notifications, with new ones highlighted by a red notification count.

  2. Alert Console: This console provides a list of notifications with comprehensive event details, including metrics and historical data, offering a centralized view of your alerts.

  3. Alert Storyboards: Besides the Alert Console, the system offers multiple Alert Storyboards for enhanced visibility into alert notifications.

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