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Platform Overview

vuSmartMaps™, a business journey observability platform, uses advanced AI/ML models to deliver actionable contextualized intelligent insights for end-to-end business operations, providing unified observability across network, infrastructure, and application layers. Real-time business observability and analytics enable businesses to achieve 99.99% application availability and enhance customer satisfaction. vuSmartMaps provides a flexible solution for businesses of all sizes, utilizing scalable system architecture with the latest technologies, languages, and Gen AI features to enhance your organization’s growth and boost brand value.

Functional Architecture of vuSmartMaps

The functional architecture of vuSmartMaps begins with data acquisition, where information is gathered from target systems via Observability Sources (O11ySources). Once the data is ingested into vuSmartMaps, it proceeds through the ContextStream for contextualization, enhancing its relevance and usability. Subsequently, the processed data is stored in HyperScale Data Store for efficient storage and retrieval.

Concurrently, vuCoreML algorithms and modeling engine functions analyze the data. This enables the execution of machine learning models for tasks such as Event Correlation, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), and RAG/LLM assessments.

Operating alongside the core architecture is the Control Center, comprising vuLauncher and vuSiteManager. vuLauncher facilitates the installation of vuSmartMaps within a Virtual Machine (VM)-based environment, while vuSiteManager ensures self-observability, monitoring the system’s health.

For end-users, vuSmartMaps provides various significant outcomes, including interactive Storyboards, Smart Alerts, Configurable Reports, Mobile Applications, GenAI Chatbot integration, APIs, and Incident Response capabilities. These features empower users with actionable insights and facilitate informed decision-making.

For more detail on the vuSmartMaps’ Architecture, refer to the Platform Architecture and Key Modules.

Platform Capabilities

vuSmartMaps is a comprehensive data analysis and decision-making platform that offers a wide range of powerful capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at each feature:

  1. Supports 300+ Data Sources:
    • Seamlessly ingest data from over 300+  data sources, including databases, APIs, logs, cloud platforms, and more.  
    • Real-Time Event Processing at Scale: With an impressive speed of handling 100,000 events per second, vuSmartMaps enables real-time data processing.
    • Streamlined Data Ingestion for Seamless Integration:
      • The platform employs highly efficient lightweight data ingestion agents and adopters known as O11ySources (Observability Sources). These components consume minimal infrastructure resources, ensuring seamless integration and transformation across various data sources
      • O11ySourcess provides a standardized approach to data ingestion, making it easier to manage and maintain data pipelines.
  1. Centralized  Data Schema :
    • vuSmartMaps offers a centralized management system for your data, allowing you to organize logs, events, metrics, and traces in a single location
      • This centralized approach simplifies data management and ensures data consistency across business-wide applications.
    • Simple to share data.
      • The different teams and departments can access and utilize the same data, promoting collaboration and efficiency.
  1. Contextualize actionable insights:
    • vuSmartMaps allows you to add the relevant information to “Raw Data” in real-time processing with the help of vu3T correlation technique (that combines Time, Topology, and Transaction).
  1. Intuitive Interface and Pre-defined Storyboards 
    • vuSmartMaps offer user-friendly interfaces and canned storyboards for Ops and CXOs (CEO, CTO, CPO, CIO, and others). 
  1. Alert
    • Predefined Alerts with Advanced Configuration: Enable the configuration of both simple and correlated alerts using multiple data sources.
  1. Reports
    • Predefined Reports with Advanced Configuration: Enable the creation, generation, and scheduling (One-time/Recurring) of reports, with advanced configuration options, for seamless delivery of the generated reports to recipients.
  1. Integration 
    • Capable of bi-directional integration with ITSM.
    • Capable of sending alert notifications, and Reports via different types of notification channels.
    • Capable of sending and receiving the data via Rest APIs
  1. High Availability and Scalability
    • Capable of ensuring vuMartMaps availability at 99.999% through automated monitoring and resolution.
    • Possesses high scalability in both horizontal and vertical dimensions.
    • Employs highly optimized microservices for enhanced performance
  1. Intelligent
    • vuSmartMaps employs advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, utilizing a comprehensive 5C model to collect, contextualize, correlate, compute, and consume data. This robust analysis provides you with meaningful insights.
    • This helps you identify recurring and complex issues, enabling you to make your applications more efficient and stable, leading to improved overall performance. 
  1. Proactive Observation and Optimization
    • With vuSmartMaps, users can proactively observe IT systems and infrastructure. This empowers them to spot potential issues and optimize performance in real time. The result is exceptional customer satisfaction as your systems run smoothly, delivering a seamless experience to your customers.
  1. Deep Observability into Business Journeys
    • vuSmartMaps provides deep observability into business journeys through real-time data ingestion and correlation using AI-driven techniques.
    • This enables users to analyze transaction data, detect patterns, and take proactive measures to reduce failures and enhance overall performance.
  1. World-Class Visibility and Analytics Platform
    • Built by experts at VuNet Systems, vuSmartMaps is a world-class visibility and analytics platform.
    • It integrates emerging technologies, making data insights easily accessible to users.
    • The platform offers a comprehensive and intuitive solution for data analysis, empowering users to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

Key Features & Benefits

  1. Reports
    • Analytics Reports: Deep dive into system performance, spot irregularities, and optimize resource allocation for a more reliable and efficient system.
    • Tabular Reports: Easily understand data and keep a close eye on crucial metrics. This helps in proactive management, tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), and promoting team collaboration.
    • Scheduled Reports: Stay informed and in control with timely insights. This ensures smart decision-making, and compliance, and makes reporting a seamless part of your operations.
    • Ad-hoc Reporting: This feature allows on-demand analysis and troubleshooting, enabling swift data exploration and efficient incident response to minimize downtime with quick insights.
    • Intuitive Report Builder: Creating reports has never been easier! Our Report Builder Wizard provides a user-friendly interface. It simplifies navigation, streamlines workflow, and offers pre-defined templates for quick and efficient report generation
  1. Alerts
    • Dynamic Rule: By using dynamic thresholds, you’ll receive just the right amount of alerts, preventing an overload of messages in your mailbox and alert console.
    • Rule-Based Noise Reduction: Experience clearer signals and more relevant alerts, leading to quicker incident response and smoother operations. Say goodbye to unnecessary alerts, making it easier to manage and adapt to different scenarios.
    • ML-Based Noise Reduction: Get even more accurate and precise alert identification. This means faster incident response and less work for you. Our system learns and adapts, reducing false alarms and making alert management a breeze
    • New Gen – Alert Console:
      • Enhanced Situational Awareness: The next-gen alert console provides real-time, unified visibility into system health and security.
      • Intelligent Prioritization: AI algorithms prioritize alerts by severity, impact, and relevance, reducing response times.
      • Streamlined Collaboration: Modern consoles support real-time team collaboration and workflow integration for efficient incident handling.
    • Hyper-Configurable  Alert Management:
      • Tailored Alerting: Customize your alert settings to suit your preferences. This means fewer alerts, making sure they’re always relevant and never overwhelming.
      • Flexible and Adaptable: Change alert settings effortlessly to keep up with any environment. Your alerts will always be optimized for the situation.
      • Less Alert Fatigue: We’ve fine-tuned everything to make sure you only get alerts that matter. This speeds up response times and makes everything more efficient.
      • Smart Logic and Customization: Create your own rules for alerts that match your specific needs. It’s like having a personal alert assistant tailored just for you.
  1. ContextStreams
    • Source and Target Connector
      • In-built Source Connector: Easily receive data from ContextStreams without the hassle. It’s designed to save you time and resources. Plus, it’s scalable and flexible, ensuring your data flows smoothly to where it needs to be transformed.
      • Real-time Data Sync: Get updates in real time for accurate analysis. This ensures you’re always working with the latest information. The integration is seamless, so you can rely on your data being consistent and reliable.
    • Transformation
      • Field Transformation Controls: Keep your data in top shape! These controls help clean up, standardize, and fine-tune your information, ensuring it’s accurate and reliable.
      • Seamless Data Configuration: Easily set up your data using field transformation controls and merge rows for a smooth integration process. It’s a breeze!
      • Get More from Your Data: Data enrichment gives you extra context and insights. This means you can make smarter decisions across different parts of your organization, improving performance all around.
    • Diagnosis
      • Throughput
        • Clear Flow Monitoring: See your data’s journey clearly! Our system shows you exactly where your data is coming from and where it’s going. This makes it super easy to spot any hiccups along the way.
        • Speedy Issue Detection: If there’s a problem in the queues or plugins, our system will spot it in no time. This means troubleshooting is a breeze, and you can get things back on track ASAP.
        • Spot Data Hiccups Fast: If something’s not quite right with your data, we’ll let you know right away. Whether it’s at the host or service level, our system is on the lookout for any issues so you can fix them quickly.
      • Field Level Issue Resolution
        • The feature enables targeted fixes for quicker problem resolution, improving data quality and integrity, and ensuring compliance with data standards and regulations.
  1. Data Ingestion (O11ySources)
    • Prebuilt Ingestion Agent: Get started quickly! Our prebuilt agent supports over 300+ data sources, making collection a breeze.
    • Automated Streaming and Dashboards: Sit back and relax! Our platform sets up streaming, dashboards, and alerts for real-time monitoring without you lifting a finger.
    • Total Data Control: It’s all in your hands! Manage logs, metrics, traces, or any type of data for thorough analysis and monitoring.
  1. DataBuilder (Data Model)
    • Effortless Database Linking: Our Data Source Connector seamlessly connects to databases, making it easy to retrieve objects for efficient analysis.
    • Real-Time Access: No more manual extraction! With direct database connections, you get instant access for quicker decision-making.
    • Unified Data from Various Sources: Bring it all together! Integrating different databases gives you a complete view, allowing for in-depth analysis and uncovering insights beyond just one database.
    • Your Data, Your Way: Take control! You can configure, filter, and merge rows to focus on what matters most. It’s all based on your specific criteria and conditions, giving you the power to make informed decisions.
    • Predefined Time Intervals: No more manual work! Creating data comparison fields with predefined time intervals makes analysis a breeze. Say goodbye to complex calculations and scripting for time-based insights.
  1. Data Explorer and Visualization:
    • Spot Affected Regions Quickly by Geo Map: Need to know what’s impacted? Our platform swiftly identifies affected areas in applications, infrastructure, and network components, enabling you to focus on the affected regions.
    • Mobile Dashboards for On-the-Go: Take your insights with you! Create and configure dashboards optimized for mobile devices. It’s all about easy access and a seamless experience across platforms.
    • Unified Transaction Map: Get to the bottom of things fast! This map points out application and infrastructure components with frequent issues, supercharging productivity and ensuring happy customers.
    • Powerful Insights: Understand your business inside out! Insights dive deep into your data, helping you interpret trends and make quick decisions.
  1. Integration Notification Channel:
    • Smooth Collaboration: Our Integration Notification Channel brings teams and stakeholders together for effective communication. Reports and alerts are delivered promptly, ensuring everyone stays in the loop.
    • Easy Access Anytime, Anywhere: No matter the device, our notifications reach you. Get reports and alerts on your preferred platforms for quick responses, wherever you are.
    • Streamlined Efficiency: Everything you need in one place! Centralized notifications and real-time access to information make your workflow smoother and your productivity higher.
  1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:
    • Anomaly
      • Anomaly detection proactively identifies issues in applications, infrastructure, and networks, aiding rapid troubleshooting by pinpointing unusual performance patterns.
      • Forecasting in performance monitoring anticipates future trends, aiding proactive performance optimization by analyzing historical data and applying predictive models.
    • Data Set Analysis
      • Detecting outliers on an observability platform allows early identification of abnormal patterns in system metrics, logs, and performance metrics for applications, networks, and infrastructure components.
      • Classification on an observability platform facilitates predictive analytics and data-driven decision-making by categorizing performance metrics and logs for monitoring and optimization..
    • Manage Model
      • Regression models in an observability platform predict future performance metrics by analyzing historical data. They also help optimize resource allocation by identifying the optimal configuration and scaling strategies based on performance metrics.
  1. Data Storage and Retention:
    • Active and archived indices:
      • Efficient indexing, retrieval, and real-time analysis of both active and archived data indices.
      • This ensures optimized data storage and enables quick access to historical information.
    • Manage data retention for active and inactive data:
      • Administrators can define data retention durations based on compliance and audit requirements.
      • Data is categorized as hot, warm, or cold based on retention configuration, allowing for optimized storage and performance.
  1. vuRCA Bot:
    • Experience the power of AI as vuRCA Bot efficiently detects incidents and pinpoints probable root causes.
    • With the ability to operate on both real-time and historical data sets, you can efficiently uncover the root cause of the incidents on the go
    • vuRCA offers a comprehensive view of incidents, encompassing both existing problems and predictions of potential future issues based on system behavior. This holistic approach helps you understand and proactively address operational challenges.
    • The algorithm powering the vuRCA takes advantage of user feedback, ensuring that the root cause and recommended actions are based on real-world input. This makes the analysis more accurate and relevant.
  1. APM (Application Performance Monitoring)
    • Visualize and manage your application’s performance effortlessly with automated service mapping, secure data transmission, and intelligent sampling, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  1. User Management and RBAC (Role-Based Access Control):
    • The platform includes robust user management capabilities, allowing administrators to create, modify, and remove user accounts.
    • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is implemented, enabling fine-grained control over user permissions and access to various features and data within the platform
    • Administrators can assign specific roles to users, defining what actions they can perform and what data they can access, ensuring security and data privacy.
  1. Additional Features:
    •   Integrations with 3rd Party Systems:

The platform offers seamless integrations with third-party systems, allowing users to connect and work with external data sources, applications, and services. This enables comprehensive data analysis and reporting by pulling in data from various sources.

In summary, vuSmartMaps is the go-to platform for a broad spectrum of users within banks, and financial institutions. It equips them with the necessary tools to optimize business processes, reduce transaction failures, and enhance customer experience. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, vuSmartMaps enhances IT System Management and Observability for improved efficiency and success.


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