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Notification Center

You can view notifications generated by vuSmartMaps through the user interface in two ways.

Bell Button Notification

You’ll find this bell-shaped notification icon in the top right corner of all vuSmartMaps pages. It shows recently generated notifications when you’re logged in. New notifications are indicated by a red notification count on the bell button. It always shows the most recent 5 alerts and once you open the notification by clicking the bell icon, you can go to Alert Console to check the specific alert or all alerts.

Alert Console

Click the Bell Notification button, and then select View All at the top right of the page. In the Alert Console, you’ll find a list of notifications generated by the system, with detailed information about each event, including associated metrics and historical data. Additionally, the Alert Console can be accessed by navigating from the left navigation menu (Observability > Alert Console).

Alert Channels

We support multiple channels to send the information as soon as an alert is triggered. You can find a few samples here.

SMS, WhatsApp, Slack and Microsoft Teams

The system notifies users through any of the aforementioned channels. The system uses a predefined format for notifications. 

Sample: CPU Utilization for Host_Name:IHYDIBMPF-C1B5-CL6, Touch_Point: xMobile  #DAQ  #Server Health. The severity of Alert – Warning 


The system notifies users through email.  Email identifiers and email group names are specified as a comma-separated list. 

The system uses a predefined email format for notifications. A sample email notification is shown below.

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