New-age full-stack Observability platform features to transform your operations

vuSmartMaps™ is equipped with unmatched features for a future-ready enterprise.

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Platform Features

Ingest diverse data through O11y sources

Platform supports ingestion of heterogeneous structured and unstructured data sets through multiple techniques – real-time streaming, API-based Integration, Agent-based and Agentless collection. The pre-packaged Observability Sources enable single-click integration for standard data sources in less than 5 mins – Web/App/DB Servers, N/W components, Messaging queues etc.

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Seamless deployment through a Unified Agent for collecting telemetry across metrics, logs and traces

Faster collection with pre-built integration for 300+ Sources across on-premise and cloud

Get access to pre-configured KPIs, dashboards, lead indicators and alerts

Add context to data, bring more purpose to insights

ContexStreams, an advanced domain-centric observability pipeline transforms data through seamless extraction, massaging and enrichment using low code enrichment adaptors. Translate ingested IT data sets into actionable intelligence – comprehensive, business-contextual and real-time. Optimize business and operations with data-driven recommendations.


View business performance through analysis of Business Lead Indicators, Micro-journeys, and Business Dimensions

Supports static enrichment by integration into other systems and dynamic enrichment

Meaningful and intelligent notifications to trigger decisive actions

Receive correlated alerts that bring together business impact, IT performance degradation with insights into past similar incidents to help you make decisive decisions, promptly.


Instantly detect incidents based on business lead indicators – latency, error and throughput of business golden signals

Flexibility to trigger notifications based on static rules, dynamic thresholds or anomalous behavior

Create custom notifications based on business scenarios for seasonal and special events through programmable interface

View all active events across the stack in the unified Event Console for faster diagnosis

No more war rooms, just accelerated Incident Management

Instantly gain insights into incidents through integration with collaboration channels, trigger incident management workflows seamlessly and automate resolution of known issues.


Integration with active collaboration suites like WhatsApp, MS Teams, and Slack.

Bring speed to resolution through auto-triaging, auto-assignment and auto-Ticketing based on past history or business rules

Resolve incidents seamlessly with no manual intervention through integration to automation platform

Intuitive storyboards and ML-driven Insights for faster root-cause analysis

Pre-build Business and Operational Storyboards with drill-down to component storyboards to draw faster inference for root-cause analysis. Derive proactive insights from ML based KPIs.


Gain the power of out-of-the-box storyboards and flexibility to customize the views

Secure the information, insights and views through granular role-based access and extend access to external stakeholders for transparency

Take advantage of several outside-in and inside-out ML driven KPIs for 360-degree of business and operations

Engineered for modern enterprises, proven for citizen scale

Home-grown platform built for seamless horizontal and vertical scaling works from 100k to upto 1 Million events per second. Handles several critical assets and citizen scale applications of the nation. Make your enterprise future-proof.

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Architecture is built to support high-speed reads and high-volume writes

Design balance to support long-term storage, analytics and compliance requirements

Faster data refresh cycles to instant and near real-time insights

Mobile interface and app for anywhere access

Everything you need for best-in-class service

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Everything you need for best-in-class service