Delivering business outcomes through a data-centric and Al-driven platform

With vuSmartMapsTM, you get a powerful observability platform that is built ground-up on a scalable and robust data architecture. Using an integrated stack of technologies like Al, Big Data, MLOps, we provide comprehensive visibility into business journeys through intelligent insights.


Get deeper, meaningful visibility into your business journeys

Taking a data-centric approach, built on a common data schema, vuSmartMapsTM focuses on improving the quality of data with correlation, contextualisation, and enrichment with domain context.
This helps the platform to provide complete visibility of business journeys and rich insights delivered via an intelligent consumption layer of interactive storyboards, programmable alert and out-of-the-box reports.

Data-driven observability platform powered by Al and Big Data


Manage every aspect of your observability platform

Operationalise every complexity and intricacy with our 5C model
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Ingest data from over 200* data sources at a speed of 100,000 events per second with our highly optimised adaptors, vuBlocks, built with object-oriented concepts.

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Data can be managed centrally and shared by business-wide applications. Benefit from the extensibility and flexibility of vuCoDS to adapt to any updates at scale.

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Scalable to 12 billion transactions per month, the platform has high availability and data streaming without interruption across producers and consumers.

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Enrich and transform your data with our patented vu3T Correlation Engine which uses MVA (Multi vector analysis) to correlate data across time, transaction topology and transaction IDs.

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The end outcomes can be consumed through pre-defined and canned storyboards, programmable alerts and CXO dashboards that address the needs of executives and operations teams.



Comprehensive visibility for simple, data-driven decisions.


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Achieve time-to-value with horizontal and vertical scale at speed


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No data loss ever or single point of failure


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Create custom alerts with SDKs and intuitive storyboards at ease


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Better insights delivered with a robust 5C model


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User-friendly intelligent visualisation, allowing easy customisation

The power of the platform delivered through the products

vuSmartMapsTM has 3 key product lines built on top of it, which combined, provides tremendous value for enterprises.

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Our business journey mapper brings together cloud, infra, logs, traces and transactions with advanced capabilities to understand transaction sessions and micro transaction states.


We provide a unified compute, network, storage, and cloud monitoring system with powerful enrichments, event correlation and richer data mining for faster root cause analysis.


With our powerful log analytics tool, vuLogX, you can use a log aggregator, perform analytics, identify anomalies, and predict spurious issues with ease.

What makes vuSmartMapsTM the ideal solution for your business?

Achieve time-to-value

Be ready to adapt to business changes and deliver to business outcomes without having to go the drawing board to fix your solution.

No lock-ins

Because of our Open Programming Layer, our solution is highly flexible and adaptable, allowing us to work with your current tools or vendors.

Get instant feedback

Our integrated one programming platform, provides a comprehensive visualisation layer for improved data preparation. This can't be achieved through multiple data and ML tools.


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