Get a complete view of your infrastructure landscape anytime, anywhere

With vuInfra360 you can get real-time, unified visibility into end-to-end infrastructure landscape for both on-premise and SaaS environments. Monitor network, devices, servers, storage devices, VMs, containers, databases, web servers load balancers and hybrid cloud through dashboards and proactive alerts with an underlying AI-first platform.

Product Capabilities

Unified visibility using a wide variety of telemetry

Unified visibility using a wide variety of telemetry
Unified visibility using a wide variety of telemetry

vulnfra360 supports standard and proprietary interfaces to collect data through prepackaged vuBlocks with 300+ adaptors.

Dynamic and static data enrichment is used to improve contextualisation

Interactive and customisable dashboards

Interactive and customisable dashboards
Interactive and customisable dashboards

vulnfra360's interactive visualisation dashboard allows different user types to create different views, such as CXO Storyboards, Call Center views, etc.

Every user can view data, metrics and usage patterns with a unique slice and dice view across multiple dimensions and create insightful reports.

Al-first platform with ML- based automated insights

A1-first platform with ML- based automated insights
A1-first platform with ML- based automated insights

vulnfra360 uses ML to forecast failures, detect anomalies in the behavior of systems and signals, and compute operational KPIs that are predictive.

Receive contextual and correlated alerts at your convenience via email, SMS WhatsApp or other channels.

Integration with ITSM, ticketing and automation

Integration with ITSM, ticketing and automation
Integration with ITSM, ticketing and automation

Get a complete picture of events and data from all sources through alert integration APIs to external tools, bidirectional integration, cloud ticket tool integration, etc.

Create a library of execution Runbooks and receive alert APIs for repetitive or guided tasks.


Monitor any multi-vendor infrastructure environment on a massive, scalable architecture.

Get end-to-end infrastructure visibility

Get end-to-end infrastructure visibility
Know what’s happening on your networks with broad and deep coverage of over 300k devices. Monitor faults, performance, and resolve issues all on a single dashboard.

Reduce MTTD with real-time alerts

Reduce MTTD with  real-time alerts
vuInfra360 provides real-time, enriched alerts that are enhanced contextually before they arrive. By proactively identifying issues, you can also facilitate faster troubleshooting.

Leverage ML-based insights and inbuilt reports

Leverage ML-based insights and inbuilt reports
With vuInfra360’s explainable AI, automated insights cards and in-built reports, you get actionable recommendations without having to browse through TBs of data.

Everything you need for best-in-class service

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Everything you need for best-in-class service


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