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HyperScale Data Store

Overview of HyperScale Data Store

Welcome to the future of data management in observability platforms. Our HyperScale Data Store represents a groundbreaking advancement in handling large-scale data efficiently and effectively. Designed to meet the unique real analytics requirements of businesses, this data store framework is not just about optimized storage, but also about sophisticated real-time data modeling and handling.

The Core of Hyperscale Data Store

Design Philosophy and Architecture

At the heart of our HyperScale Data Store is a composite architecture based on columnar data structures, enhanced by a unique data management layer. This architecture is tailored for high-speed read and write operations, ensuring data becomes query-ready within an impressively short time frame.

Key Functionalities

● High-Speed Writes and Reads: Achieving benchmarks of 1M events per second, with rapid query responses (sub-seconds) for complex dashboards.

● Data Pipeline Integration: Seamlessly integrates with VuNet’s advanced observability pipelines for enhanced write efficiency.

● Automatic Schema Evolution: Adapts to the variability of observability data, accommodating optional and dynamic fields.

● User and Access Policies: Detailed policies at both table and row levels for robust security management.

Fig: Three Key Pillars of HyperScale Data Store

Benefits of Hyperscale Data Store

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

Our HyperScale Data Store dramatically reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for our customers by more than 30%, thanks to its advanced compression techniques and storage efficiency.

Scalability and High Availability

The data store scales both vertically and horizontally, with a built-in clustering and sharding mechanism. It ensures high availability and data integrity with zero data loss.

Fig: Benefits of HyperScale Data Store

Data Management and Accessibility

● Data Tiers: Manages various data tiers, including hot, warm and cold, optimizing long-term data storage costs.

● Data Rollup Feature: Creates summary tables in real time for efficient data analysis.

● Data Explorations and Management: Offers SQL interface and VuNet’s DSL (Domain Specific Language) for easy data access and analytics.


The introduction of HyperScale Data Store allows you to expand the scope of Observability for real-time and long-term data analysis. The platform would expand the ability of organizations to adhere to compliance guidelines without having to invest in additional capacity planning.


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