Go from logs to impactful insights at the touch of a button

Discover, unify, and analyse data from across 500+ structured, unstructured, and proprietary data sources. vuLogX is built on model-driven architecture to give you enterprise-wide intelligent insights and accelerated diagnostics that enable proactive IT operations.

Product Capabilities

Fast and scalable log management

Fast and scalable log management
Fast and scalable log management

Ingest multiple TBs of distributed log data with zero instrumentation enabled by a massive pre-built adapter library of 500+ log sources.

Largest configurable integration library to any source system along with the instant configuration of log sources to draw actionable insights.

Our pre-packaged agentless and agent-based non-intrusive adapters collect and interpret log data without impacting source system performance.

Actionable intelligence from dynamically enriched data

Actionable intelligence from dynamically enriched data
Actionable intelligence from dynamically enriched data

Ingest and unify log data from diverse log formats and enrich it with business and domain context before feeding it to data-centric AI models for contextual and actionable insights.

Accurately detect anomalies with built-in MLOps for intelligent insights on anomalous log patterns to predict incidents such as performance degradation, system downtime, and more.

Go beyond logs to interactive analytics and insightful storyboards

Go beyond logs to interactive analytics and insightful storyboards
Go beyond logs to interactive analytics and insightful storyboards

Create interactive storyboards with easy and varied visualisation of context-rich data enabling effective analysis and action taken by users.

Create different storyboard views for different user personas (CXO, Operations Teams), allowing them to slice and dice data across multiple dimensions as required by them.


Unified visibility of logs from diverse sources, combined with rich data context for accelerated troubleshooting and analytics.

Rapid troubleshooting with effective RCA

Rapid troubleshooting with effective RCA
Visualise consolidated data on interactive dashboards, quickly and easily to conduct faster Root Cause Analysis and reduce MTTR.

Predict and resolve incidents proactively

Predict and resolve incidents proactively
Monitor key logs, metrics, and traces to proactively detect anomalies that find and fix issues before they affect users.

Stay notified with real-time alerting

Stay notified with real-time alerting
Easily configure advanced alerts and get notified via multiple channels through contextual alerts for reduced alert fatigue.

Scalable and flexible log management

Scalable and flexible log management
vuLogX’s platform components are proven to work for TBs of data, processing billions of transactions on SaaS and on-premise deployments.

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