Have a finger on the pulse of your application's health

With vuApp360 you can seamlessly navigate and have a bird’s eye view of your complex application landscape. Maintain vigilant oversight of application performance, swiftly identify and rectify issues, enhance application efficiency, and optimize the use of resources to ensure your customers enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted experience.


Product Capabilities

Gain comprehensive insights into your application landscape

Go beyond logs to interactive analytics and insightful storyboards

vuApp360 tracks key application metrics: request rate, error rate, and duration

Site level analysis - Analyse application performance (RED) based on location

Association of services to applications - Easier for CXOs to analyse business impact

Explore your application's internal mechanics with code-level observability

Service Map - Understand how services interact

A1-first platform with ML- based automated insights

Visualise interactions between different components in your application in real-time

Filters and drill-downs to provide deeper insights into performance bottlenecks

Get the quick bird's eye view for the CXO's

Distributed Tracing for Precise Insights

Enjoy customisable business analytics, actionable insights and KPIs

Trace every transaction across your complex microservices architecture to identify the root cause of IT problems

Automated insights to deep dive into root cause analysis (RCA) and potential next steps

Make data-driven decisions by capturing detailed behavioural information delivered by traces. (ex: how application latency is distributed among code components)

Intelligent Alerts to spot problematic code paths and fix issues before affecting critical users

Instrumentation and Ingestion through OpenTelemetry

Unified visibility using a wide variety of telemetry
Open Telemetry

Comprehending the application's internal state through code insertion (instrumentation)

Automatically discover and map components of your applications, service interactions and dependencies within your complex microservices architecture

Ensures that telemetry data is correctly correlated, providing a complete picture of transactions and workflows


View transactions as your customer’s experience it and provide frictionless service.

Real-time Observability

Get end-to-end infrastructure visibility

Single snapshot of service metrics, deployments, errors, latencies, and incidents through a single pane of glass

Faster resolution of performance problems

Scalable and flexible log management

Identify failed or delayed transactions faster for reduced MTTD and MTTR 

Increased application stability and uptime

Connected views at scale

Availability delivering superior performance as you intended.

Accelerated and enhanced software releases

Rapid troubleshooting with effective RCA

DevOps Team proficient in managing application interactions and dependencies

Everything you need for best-in-class service

Find a pricing plan that best suits your needs.

Everything you need for best-in-class service


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