vuOTT - A Gamechanger Framework

Maximize customer experience and effortlessly handle the intricacies of multi-API, complex, and diverse application deployments with VuNet’s vuOTT solution. Designed to tackle the growing complexities in the business landscape, our strategic framework for Business Journey Observability offers a comprehensive approach.

With vuOTT (Deep Observability Inside, Transparency Outside, and Traceability Across), you gain deep insights into your enterprise’s operations while maintaining transparency for external stakeholders.

Our solution empowers you to efficiently manage and monitor your business processes, ensuring seamless traceability across various touchpoints. Experience enhanced visibility, improved operational efficiency, and optimized customer satisfaction with VuNet’s vuOTT.


A View of the Outcomes Delivered via vuOTT

1. Achieve unified visibility by harnessing the power of Deep Observability Inside. 

Our solution breaks down data silos, consolidating information from diverse sources and ecosystems. Through adaptable adapters built on open standards, we facilitate the standardization of data into a common schema. Temporal data, including logs and metrics, as well as topological data from CMDB and service topology discovery tools, are seamlessly integrated to provide valuable context. Experience a comprehensive understanding of your system’s internal state and gain actionable insights with Deep Observability Inside.

2. Unlock the power of Transparency Outside with our cutting-edge solution designed for interconnected digital enterprises. 

Say goodbye to the challenges posed by “black-box” APIs that hinder trace visibility and troubleshooting at a transaction level. With a focus on establishing transparent interactions, our solution facilitates seamless collaboration within your partner ecosystem. By clearly defining contracts, fostering trust, and documenting method signatures, our product promotes transparent integration and troubleshooting. Experience the transformative impact of Transparency Outside on your enterprise’s performance and success.

3. Ensure compliance reporting, incident investigation, and improved interconnection across disparate entities with Traceability Across. 

Traceability Across addresses the challenges of complex and heterogeneous environments. With transactions spanning multiple touchpoints and infrastructures, gaining visibility into IT and business metrics can be daunting. Our solution enables precise tracing of transaction IDs, empowering customer support, dispute handlers, and compliance teams to pinpoint problematic steps. By analysing journey attributes associated with customer IDs or account numbers, teams can isolate and investigate issues effectively. 


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