Where operational insights meet business outcomes

Get real-time, deep, actionable insights to improve customer experience through unified visibility across enterprise-wide touchpoints.
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Product Capabilities

Real-time data with dynamic enrichment

Fast and scalable log management
Real-time data with dynamic enrichment Screen

Capture data from any source in real-time and map it to predefined industry-specific data formats

Get support from our well-defined and extensive common data model

Real-time view of data enriched with business, domain and environment context

Correlate multiple touchpoints for complete visibility

Correlate multiple touchpoints for complete visibility
Correlate multiple touchpoints for complete visibility Screen

Get a unified view of transaction data across multiple touchpoints with the dynamic correlation of data.

Identify the impact of issues and avert business impact and revenue loss.

Get faster issue identification and RCA for quick incident resolution.

Enjoy customisable business analytics, actionable insights and KPIs

Enjoy customisable business analytics, actionable insights and KPIs
Enjoy customisable business analytics, actionable insights and KPIs Screen

Customise and create your own KPIs and storyboards with an available library of widgets.

Patent pending 3T data correlation approach allows for better business insights and outcomes.

Industry-standard data definitions and scalable data lake allow for better data discovery with no data loss.

Better collaboration between teams, easing issue resolution for enhanced customer experience.

ML-model driven dynamic alerting on performance

ML-model driven dynamic alerting on performance
ML-model driven dynamic alerting on performance

Forecast failures and anomalies in the behavior of systems and signals with ease, using the MLOps capability.

Generate predictive, contextual, and correlated alerts in real-time with ML-based data aiding for higher efficiency.

Receive contextual and correlated alerts at your convenience via email, SMS, WhatsApp or other channels.


View transactions as your customer’s experience it and provide frictionless service.

Reduce lost revenue

Reduce lost revenue
Get a complete view of customer’s transactions, detect issues early, avoid escalations and failures and avert revenue loss.

Connected views at scale

Connected views at scale
Ingest and enrich data in real-time to create a business journey map of a transaction, providing a single source of truth across teams.

Predict and resolve issues

Predict and resolve issues

Monitor data and create your own KPIs to predict future incidents with granular drill-downs that allow quick RCA and resolution.

Adapt to any business scenario

Adapt to any business scenario
With pre-configured adapters, you can ingest all conceivable data formats and map them to adapt to any use case scenario.

Everything you need for best-in-class service

Find a pricing plan that best suits your needs.

Everything you need for best-in-class service