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Matrix Visualization is a powerful tool for presenting data in a tabular format, making it easy to showcase aggregated metrics over a specific time period. It’s especially useful when you need to display data across multiple groups.

Key Features and Details:

  • Combining Categories: Matrix visualization allows users to view metric values for combinations of two category values.
  • Different from Data Table: While similar to a data table, the key difference is that matrix visualization organizes data with both row groups and column groups.
  • Useful Features: Some of its notable features include:
    • Control over the number of rows displayed per page.
    • Color coding for better understanding.
    • Serial numbering for easy referencing.
    • Option to display percentages.
    • Ability to create cumulative rows and columns.
    • Special options for reporting.

Working with Matrix Visualization

Matrix Visualization comprises 2 important processes. 

  1. Configure Matrix Visualization lets you configure your Matrix visualization.
  2. Visualization Options will help you personalize your Matrix Visualization and other visualizations to get the most out of your data. You have various options at your fingertips:
    • Panel Options
    • vuMatrix
    • Standard Options
    • Data Links
    • Value Mappings
    • Thresholds
    • Add Field Override

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