9.1 Users Management and RBAC

9.2 Authentication and Security

9.3 Data Management and Data Model Handling 

9.3.1 Storage

9.3.2 Retention

9.3.3 Export/Import 

Resource Management

Import Data

9.3.4 Working with Data Model
9.3.5 Data Extraction

9.4 Control Center

9.4.1 License Entitlements

9.5 Platform Settings

9.5.1 Definitions

9.5.2 Preferences

9.5.3 About

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1. Introduction to vuSmartMaps™

2. Getting Started with vuSmartMaps™

3. Installing vuSmartMaps™

4. Configuring vuSmartMaps™

Observability Sources

Data Pipeline and Parser Configuration

Data Enrichment Techniques

Onboarding Applications and Business Journeys
Configuring RCABot and ML Models

Tuning Hyperparameters and Model Training

5. Observability Through vuSmartMaps™

Dashboards and Visualization 

Business and Operational Storyboard
RCA Storyboard

Alert Console and Correlation

Alerts and Notification

Rule-based and Dynamic threshold-based Alerts

Programmable Alerts

Notifications and Triggers

Alert Customization Notification

RCABot and ChatBot Interactions

Ved – Gen AI Bot

Comprehensive Reporting

Log Management and Analysis

Application Observability

Journey Observability

6. Understanding vuSmartMaps™

Platform Architecture and Key Services
Insights from Logs, Traces and Metrics
How domain-centric approach enables better RCA and ML insights?
Security and Compliance

7. Administering vuSmartMaps™

Dashboard Creation



Custom Panels

• UTM Visualization

• Matrix Visualization

• Insights

Alert Creation

Data Source Management

Report Generation

Data Onboarding and Instrumentation

Mobile Dashboard Configuration

9. Managing vuSmartMaps™

Users Management and RBAC

Authentication and Security

• Data Management and Data Model Handling 



• Export/Import 

• Resource Management

• Import Data

Working with Data Model
Data Extraction

• Control Center

License Entitlements

• Platform Settings




10. Glossary

11. Support and Troubleshooting

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