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Report Generation

Execute Reports

To generate Reports, Navigate from the left navigation menu

Observability > Reports

While Scheduled Reports are recommended, where admin users create and automate report generation, there are cases where you might need an on-demand report. In such cases, regular users can create and generate reports as needed.

To generate an on-demand report, follow these steps:

  • Click on the Preview and Generate Report button.
  • Choose the Report Range (time range to generate the report) you’re interested in or click on the Generate Button.
  • Modify the Report Name if necessary.
  • Pick the desired report format by checking the appropriate box.
  • Toggle the Configure Distribution Channel radio button to include email addresses (Optional).
  • Click the Generate button.
  • The report gets generated in the background and will be displayed in the Generated Reports tab.
  • This page also previews generated reports enabling you to preview selected filters and modify them before clicking on the Generate Reports tab. For example, MySql- Report.

  • To understand how the particular report is configured, click on the name of the report on the report listing page  under execute report.

On clicking, it will redirect you to the following page.

Generated Reports

All the generated reports will be displayed under the Generated Reports tab.

The following fields will be displayed.

  • Report Name: Points to the Report Template used.
  • Status: Indicates if the report generation is successful or failed.
  • Applied Report Filters: Displays the filters that have been applied while configuring the report.
  • Downloaded Count: Indicate the number of times the report has been successfully downloaded.
  • Actions: Use the download buttons to save the report in the chosen formats and the Delete button to delete the respective reports.

In addition, there are other options available at the top of the table

  1. Search BoxUsers can locate a specific report by entering its name into the search box.
  2. Add Filters:  Users can perform searches by applying filters, including Report Name, Status, Applied Report Filter, and Downloaded Count. Multiple filters can be applied simultaneously.
  3. RefreshYou can click on this button to refresh the list of Generated Reports.

Report Tracking Information

If a report fails, you can access its tracking information by clicking on the Failed status under generated tab in reports. This helps diagnose the cause of the failure. For instance, if we need to investigate why the Datamodel report has failed, we can click on the report to determine the cause.

Upon clicking the Failed status, a panel will appear, providing the tracked information for failed reports.

Download Reports

Click on the PDF or CSV button under the Action column under generated reports to download the report. The report will be downloaded and saved to your local machine.

Delete Generated Report

To delete the generated report simply click on the Delete button under the Actions column.

Further Reading

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