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Unified log observability

vuLogX has prepackaged adapters that can ingest log data from any source (non-standard data sources-unstructured data), of any format and present it in a single pane of glass view in real-time.

Our platform, vuSmartMapsTM, acts as a syslog server for network devices and servers. Lightweight agents ship logs in real-time for application logs.

vuLogX ingests logs, metrics, and metadata with integrations into all popular cloud providers and their services (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) through vuBlocks that can be integrated with cloud watch, event hub, etc.

Log analytics

vuLogX provides automated log analytics on real-time logs data with a wide variety of visualisations on the dashboard.

It has a library of packaged log analytics solutions that provide deep visibility for multiple components such as Web Servers, App Servers, Middlewares, Windows Events, Linux Syslogs, Cisco devices and Databases.

In addition to dashboards, our platform has a powerful and interactive query interface to interact with logs data. It allows for custom pattern searching, state tracking, micro-transaction tracking, aggregation, etc.

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Pre-built log parsers

vuLogX has pre-built parsers through prepackaged vuBlocks that provide deep visibility into the systems using logs data. The data from a log entry is extracted and parsed values may be used as an input for other logging processes.

The platform facilitates log conversion, to parse log in one format and store its entries in another, and log reduction, to remove unneeded entries from a log to create a new log that is smaller.

Though a library of pre-built parsers is available, custom logs can be parsed through SDK plug-ins.

Long duration data retention

vuLogX allows you to retain Petabytes of logs and have live visibility into them for a short duration. You can scale Terabytes of data with a 3-node cluster – do more with fewer hardware resources! The platform supports different retention period requirements across different rules, devices and policies and it is configurable as per your needs. You could retain data for shorter periods to protect sensitive data or for longer periods to notice trends over time.
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Compliant Log Archival

With vuLogX, you can store logs data to address future7 requirements.

The platform provides integration with cloud storage (AWS, GCP or Azure) to store and manage raw logs data and it can be pushed to an external device like SAN (Storage Area Network), NAS (Network Attached Storage), and DAS (Device Attached Storage).

The log archival meets compliance-specific requirements for SEBI, ISO, SOX, PCI, HIPAA etc.

Alarm Console

vuLogX provides active alarms from log sources (Syslog, SNMP Trap, Clearpass Logs, NetFlow, etc). Alarms can be categorised as fault or performance-related, color-coded based on severity and can be drilled out to view history for each event.

The platform creates workflows and allows the operator to assign alerts to troubleshooting engineers, track the status and use it as a collaborative tool.

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Advanced search

Multiple search options across log fields features to highlight search matches for easy readability.

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