Personalize Your Observability Experience Through Custom Views

Adoption of any application is determined by the time the users spend time on the platform. However, the adoption of a Business-Centric Observability platform is determined by.

  • How fast you can detect an incident.
  • How fast you can determine the probable root cause instead of sieving through tons of dashboards, metrics, KPIs, and notifications.

Also, based on the role of the user, their needs and priorities vary.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our latest enhancement: the Hyper-Configurable Home Page specifically custom-made for you. This feature is designed to empower you, our valued users, to access the most important information as soon as you login and navigate through our platform more efficiently than ever before. While the platform provides a default Out-of-the-box dashboard to each user group, it now extends the flexibility to customize the dashboard or even craft a custom layout within the dashboard.

Tailor Your Observability Experience

At VuNet, we recognize that no two users are the same. Your role, responsibilities, and objectives within your organization are distinct, and your observability experience should reflect that. With the Hyper-Configurable Home Page feature, you have the power to tailor your observability journey to suit your specific needs.

Image: Dashboard designed to help you identify areas of improvement

Image: Dashboard summarizing key metrics and their performance

Key Benefits

Let’s dive into the key benefits of this enhanced feature:

1. Personalization at Your Fingertips:

Say goodbye to a one-size-fits-all homepage. The Hyper-Configurable Home Page puts you in control. Choose and arrange the widgets and modules that matter most to you, ensuring that the moment you log in, you see the data and insights you need. Be it a view of critical alerts or helicopter view of the health of the entire IT estate or notifications on anomalies.

2. Instant Access to Critical Information:

Whether you’re a developer monitoring application performance or a CTO tracking business KPIs, our home page configuration allows you to pin the most critical data and dashboards directly to your homepage. No more digging through menus or searching for the right dashboard. It’s all right there, instantly accessible.

3. Streamlined Navigation:

Effortlessly navigate to different parts of our platform with quick links and shortcuts. No more time wasted clicking through menus. Get where you need to go with a single click.

4. Increased Efficiency:

Time is of the essence in the observability world. By customizing your homepage, you can significantly reduce the time spent on routine tasks, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: gaining insights and making informed decisions.

5. Better Collaboration:

Share your personalized homepage configuration with colleagues to ensure that your team is aligned and has easy access to shared data and dashboards.

Your Observability, Your Way

At VuNet, we are committed to providing you with the tools and features you need to excel in your role. The Hyper-Configurable Home Page is just one example of how we’re putting you in the driver’s seat of your observability journey.

Bharat Joshi

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