IBMB ExpCentr

Customer-Centric Observability: Introducing Internet and Mobile Banking (IBMB) ExperienceCenter

Experience whole new way to manage your Internet Banking & Mobile Banking Application

In a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, it was revealed that even a minute-long outage can translate into a staggering loss of $9,000 for businesses. Imagine then, the impact of a few hours of downtime, costing enterprises upwards of a million dollars.

With the digital landscape rapidly transforming, Internet and Mobile Banking have emerged as flagship products and primary revenue streams for banks. Traditional brick-and-mortar branches are witnessing a decline in foot traffic, as more customers turn to digital banking services for their everyday transactions.

Ensuring an uninterrupted and seamless customer experience has become the top priority for IT teams across the banking sector. However, the challenge lies in handling the growing influx of users on internet and mobile banking applications. As the number of users and engagement surges, the underlying ecosystem often struggles to cope with the high volume and velocity of interactions.

Site Reliability Engineers and IT Operation teams, entrusted with maintaining the system’s resilience, find themselves navigating a complex web of applications, APIs, third-party interconnects, components, and infrastructure. Swiftly identifying the source of issues and resolving them has become a necessity for banks aiming to deliver a seamless customer experience.

To address this challenge, meet the IBMB (Internet Banking and Mobile Banking) ExperienceCenter—an innovative solution that places the internet banking customer at the heart of observability.

Designed as a one-of-a-kind environment, the IBMB ExperienceCenter empowers Site Reliability Engineers and IT operations teams to translate IT performance into business impact. A domain-centric and out-of-box Observability for your IBMB application – instant insights, data-driven decisions and intelligent collaboration

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What would you get out of the IBMB ExperienceCenter?

  • A comprehensive real-time overview of each transaction handled by IBMB and its associated applications
  • Instantly detect drop in performance of lead indicators
  • Drill down to root of problem in 3 clicks
  • Single view for customer support, ITOps, DevOps and Business teams
  • Examine technical failures and increased latency in real time


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