Addressing the challenges of digitization in the pandemic world through a Journey-based AIOps Platform

Addressing the challenges of digitization in the pandemic world through a journey-based AIOps platform

Today, the average enterprise uses as many as 5 clouds and over 1,200 cloud services. COVID-19 has accelerated a surge in the development and usage of new digital technologies across the globe. Every enterprise has to transform through digitization, perhaps, not just once but multiple times. Last year, Australia’s two largest supermarket chains suffered nationwide technical issues, forcing the companies to close stores until the issues were fixed. The result: lost revenue and frustrated customers.

AIOps is the application of artificial intelligence and data science for IT operations problems. Successful digital transformation initiatives rely on AIOps to enable IT to operate at the speed that modern business requires. An ideal AIOps platform should have the following four building blocks driven by platform enablers for each building block:

1. Unified Visibility across infrastructure, applications and business transactions for IT Operations

2. Business Journey Visibility to business users and IT

3. Machine-Learning (ML) driven KPIs for business and IT decision maker

4. Automation for overall user experience and reduce IT operations costs

Reimagining AIOps with VuNet vuSmartMaps™

VuNet’s vuSmartMaps™, an award-winning AIOps and Big Data Analytics platform, helps businesses transform their enterprise operations for the new age digital enterprise. A complete full stack product, vuSmartMaps™ comes with pre-packaged adapters, powerful correlation algorithms, custom workflows add on, advanced visual storyboards to contextual alerts, all in real-time. VuNet’s business journey mapping provides a common language to bring the business and operations group together and connect them to user experience.

Gartner has recognized VuNet as a Cool Vendor and in the Market Guide for AIOps platforms for two years in a row. vuSmartMaps™ platform not only powers the four critical building blocks of an ideal AIOps Platform but also helps customers progress on Root Cause Analysis (RCA) maturity step-by-step.

Not all AIOps products are equal. Monitoring more than 2.5 billion transactions a month, across various verticals and some of the largest banking, financial services and insurance enterprises, VuNet’s deep implementations have proven that a flexible, scalable, intelligent AIOps platform is the key foundation for successful digital transformation.


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