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Unified infrastructure monitoring

vuInfra360 allows data ingestion from multiple sources – Cloud, Networks, Servers, Firewalls, Databases, Load Balancers, Middleware, Storage Components (Physical/Virtual) – all on one platform. Through vuBlocks that can integrate with cloud watch, event hub, etc., vuInfra360 ingests metrics and metadata from all popular cloud providers and services (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).

Server monitoring

vuInfra360 supports all popular versions of Windows, Linux and provides a wide range of metrics for OS performance, CPU, RAM, Disks, Swap, WiFi, Tools, Server, and Process services. The platform allows you to manage custom and command execution values, log files, and event logs. For remote Windows machines, our platform supports Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), enabling access to Windows performance and event log data.
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Network monitoring

vuInfra360 supports network monitoring of routers, switches, and firewalls through SNMP (v1, v2c, v3), SNMP Traps, Syslogs, NetFlow, Web Application Firewall, CLI based text data ingestion and allows internal and external network monitoring via varied checks like ping, TCP, HTTP, etc. (trace path analysis). The platform allows extensions to monitor custom Management Information Base (MIB) and network devices on the fly.

Multi-vendor storage monitoring

vuInfra360 supports complete monitoring of Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions from multiple vendors such as NetApp, Dell EMC, HPE etc. The platform provides usage trends for storage utilization and performance monitoring that can be used for multiple use cases such as forecasting storage capacity planning, setting thresholds and receiving alerts on storage capacity, storage I/O hotspot detection, environment reporting and more.
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Database monitoring

vuInfra360 supports database monitoring for multi-vendors, including Oracle, MS SQL and more. It provides data around metrics like database size, buffer cache size, database usage, database connections, long running queries, slow database calls, user connections and more.

Middleware monitoring

vuInfra360 provides standard middleware monitoring from JVMs to Weblogic, Websphere, JBoss and more. vuInfra360 covers enterprise service busses and message-oriented architectures like ESB, MQ, KafkaIIB and more, including both error logs and performance matrix.
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Netflow analysis

vuInfra360 provides in-depth live reporting of flow-based analysis. Examine network traffic, identify patterns, including abnormal patterns, and identify issues that can cause network congestion or security breaches. Perform IP Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring to measure vital factors such as latency, jitter (difference in latency between data packets), packet loss, etc.

Branch/ISP/WLAN monitoring

vuInfra360 supports branches/ISP/WLAN links to be enriched with geo-location, branch ID, business hours to ISP link types.
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vuInfra360 allows you to visualise metrics and asset data on sleek geo maps with drill-down options to be able to understand the key application and business performance by region.

Advanced topology discovery

vuInfra360 supports L3 automated topology discovery that maps your network in real-time that allows users to get a drilled-down view of the network. The platform automatically locates your network assets and creates an asset inventory with key details for each device.
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Alarm console

vuInfra360 provides active alarms from all network elements along with device related inventory details for each alarm (SNMP collected data and data enrichment). Alarms can be categorised as fault or performance-related, colour-coded based on severity and can be drilled out to view history for each event. The platform creates workflows and allows the operator to assign alerts to troubleshooting engineers, track the status, and use it as a collaborative tool.

Device configuration management

The platform is designed to configure and manage large scale of devices through configlets that can automate command execution tasks using specific configuration script templates. It allows you to create and manage policies and associate them to the devices/device families, create alerts, sends notifications, and run remediation when there is a violation to maintain network devices securely in the data centre.
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Setup and maintenance of all infra devices

vuInfra360 allows the ongoing process of overseeing the setup and maintenance of all infra devices, as well as the software and firmware installed on them. It encompasses the auto-discovery of devices, through the manual import of CSV files or integration with other asset management systems, the monitoring of device configuration and status, and the maintenance of inventory.

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