Real-time, unified business journey monitoring for distributed application architecture

Ingest data from any source (including non-standard data sources, unstructured data) with pre-packaged adapters to present a unified view with a deep visibility into your business journey. Get in real-time insights across applications, hybrid cloud environment, microservices, network, servers, databases and more.

Ingest any data such as logs, metrics, traces and metadata with integrations into all popular cloud providers and their services (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) through our robust data pipeline, vuBlocks, that can be integrated with cloud watch, event hub etc.

Business journey visibility across applications and infrastructure of a transaction journey

With vuBJM, you can monitor the business transactions across multiple enterprise applications. Trace the financial transaction journey from API Gateway/Load balancer to core enterprise application like Core Banking System (CBS) and more.

Micro business journey view to monitor journey legs

vuBJM provides a real-time view into business transactions across all touch points. Customer journeys are divided into multiple sub-transaction legs like authorisation, request and response, and the platform allows you to monitor key metrics like status, TAT, and more.

Deep journey visibility at individual journey level

vuBJM monitors the status of individual user transaction in near real-time. It gives you an in-depth analysis of each transaction to obtain failure reason, leg-wise TAT, etc. The platform provides premium support for VIP customers, responds to queries from regulators with detailed status and data.

Full stack observability

vuBJM provides deep visibility into systems, devices, applications, services, microservices, noSQL databases, serverless deployments and more. With such an extensive coverage of monitoring, the platform enables deeper troubleshooting and root cause analysis to understand the performance of business applications.

Configurable and insightful unified business journey maps

vuBJM provides a comprehensive end-to-end view of a business journey by correlating the telemetry across all touchpoints in the journey. This includes IT infrastructure, applications, cloud, and other resources that complete the business journey. It provides a micro journey view derived from logs and acts as a great tool in elevating customer experience.

Business impact visibility

Using vuBJM, you can translate real business outcomes such as user experience to IT operations data. Our built-in ML models compute KPIs in real-time such as:

a) User Experience Index (UEI) that provides the end user experience of business services or applications.

b) Operations Performance Index (OPI) that provides the robustness of current operations and can be used to predict the possibility of failure in an application or deterioration of a service.

Pre-built templates for business journeys

The platform provides an interactive, customisable dashboard with a view of the most minute metric data and pre-packaged templates for creating dashboards for UPI, Payment Gateway, Internet Banking applications with minimal integration effort. This helps in faster time-to-value.

Configurable business KPIs

vuBJM allows users to configure their custom KPIs required for monitoring transactions. KPIs such as Merchant analytics, Transaction count, Channel profiling, API performance gives an in-depth view into the workflow of the transaction.

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