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vuSmartMaps Mobile App


The vuSmartMaps Mobile App enables you to access data analytics and visualizations from the VuNet platform directly on your mobile device. You can view and interact with dashboards that feature various types of visualizations and receive alert notifications.

The app helps you check your environments quickly and in real time. It gives you configurable dashboards, proactive alerts, quick insights, and root cause analysis capabilities, so you can manage things effectively even when you’re on the move. This leads to better business outcomes.

Key Features:

  • Access dashboards with insights, KPIs, tables, and charts.
  • Receive proactive alert notifications.
  • Gain quick insights and perform root cause analysis.

Getting Started:

Using the App: You can configure Storyboards in the web console

  • Storyboards: Access mobile dashboards and insights.
  • Alerts: Centralized hub for critical alerts.
  • Profile: Manage your profile details.

Configure alert settings and log level for a seamless mobile experience. Stay informed and act swiftly with the vuSmartMaps Mobile App.

Accessing  vuSmartMaps Mobile App

You can download the vuSmartMaps Mobile app from the following:  

Android App Download link:

iOS Devices (iPhone and iPad) App Download Link:

Login Page

  • After installing the app, open it to find the login page.
  • Enter the vuSmartMaps server address.

  • Tap Next to continue.

  • Provide your Username and Password.
  • Tap Sign in.

You will then be taken to the main vuSmartMaps mobile app features. Once logged in, you’ll see the main vuSmartMaps app screen.

The vuSmartMaps Mobile app comprises three primary sections::

  • Storyboards
  • Alerts
  • Profile

To learn more refer to the Working with Mobile App page.


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