Connect Business, IT and Customer Experience with a complete view
Help every team in your organisation deliver a flawless customer experience and drive better results with unified business journey observability.
Observe and correlate intelligent insights without compromising on speed or scale
Our highly scalable platform, vuSmartMapsTM, makes it possible to transition from siloed views to providing visibility across all touchpoints of a business journey.
Experience an AI-first observability platform designed to drive business outcomes
Use the power of AI/ML–led observability to create a seamless customer experience, drive growth and boost operational efficiency.

Simplify your business journey with deep observability by

Our full-stack AI/ML, and Big Data analytics platform monitors data at scale to provide 10x visibility, 60% operational gains and reduce lost revenue.
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delivering, not just monitoring

3 + billion

Transactions observed monthly

10 TB
Log data ingested daily
$ 100 billion

Transactions value observed monthly

85000 +

Nodes observed daily

250 +
Data adaptors

Better visibility, better outcomes

Harness the power of business observability and deliver breakthrough value to your customers

IT operations Reimagined

unified business journey maps

Get unified business journey maps and stay on top of customer’s actions through all touchpoints across app, infra and customer transactions.

Accelerate your digital transformation journey


Improve customer engagement

Get a complete view of your customers’ actions and optimise business journey hops and environments.


Drive growth through instant insightS

Boost business opportunities with real-time segmentation, transparency and merchant analytics driven by correlated and enriched data.


Reduce lost revenue

Enjoy higher operational efficiency through faster RCA, predictive anomaly detection and reduced downtime.


Enhance operational performance

Reduce incidents through better correlation and noise reduction, with intelligent, real-time insights that allow for faster and more effective resolution.


Improve cross-team collaborations

Through a complete view of the business journey, you can better align your teams and reduce reluctance over ownership on projects.

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We have enabled organisations to make better sense of data, act on it swiftly and enhance business performance.


Find out how you can help your business thrive in a data-driven world.
Today, the average enterprise uses as many as 5 clouds and over 1,200 cloud services.
Today, the average enterprise uses as many as 5 clouds and over 1,200 cloud services.
UPI is the buzz word these days. Making payments in an instant, digitally, gives us a sense…

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