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Deploy vuApp360 in just 30 minutes for full-scale application monitoring!* Observability is made quick, easy, and accessible to everyone, with built-in OpenTelemetry (OTEL) support.

*Monitor 5 Java Standalone applications

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    WHY vuApp360?

    Quick Setup

    Get end-to-end infrastructure visibility

    Auto-instrument your standalone Java application in just 10 minutes.

    Faster Diagnostics

    Scalable and flexible log management

    Slash Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) by 30% with intuitive Flame graphs.

    Seamless Scaling

    Connected views at scale

    Scale your monitoring effortlessly with automated insights.

    Enhanced Response

    Img_Boost code quality - Empower the development team to debug and refine code copy 2

    Boost your response time by 18% with a comprehensive, unified view.

    What You’ll Need?

    • Single Node VM, Specs – at least 12 vCPU, 64 GB RAM, 300 GB Diskspace
    • Host-based Java Application setup

    What You’ll Get?

    • A Product Binary file
    • Sizing License File
    • Installation Guide
    • Email with detailed steps/documentation

    What’s Next?


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    Everything you need for best-in-class service