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Use-Cases: Insights Visualizations


Insights are essential features in our business, helping users understand operations better and offering valuable improvement suggestions. What makes insights powerful is their ability to simplify complex data analysis. Instead of diving into extensive datasets, insights use visualizations to present information. This simplification is valuable because it allows users of all expertise levels to make informed decisions easily. To learn more about configuration and setup click here.

Let’s look at some use cases.

Use Case 1: Table Visualization

Rob, an operations manager at a dynamic tech company, found himself wrestling with data complexity. Despite having a wealth of information, translating it into actionable insights proved challenging.

In his quest for a more intuitive solution, Rob stumbled upon the Table Visualization on vuSmartMapsTM. Intrigued by its promise to present data in a structured and easily digestible format, he decided to try it.

Upon implementing the Table Visualization, Rob witnessed an immediate transformation in how his data was presented.


The table’s simplicity enhanced data clarity, providing Rob and his team with a clear, concise overview of critical metrics, including average durations for key infra components, without overwhelming visual noise.

Use Case 2: Distribution Insights

Meet Alex, a systems analyst tasked with unraveling the complexities of the components that drive a high-transaction environment. Alex wanted to understand Load Balancer and Transaction_KPI better. So, he used Distributed Insights, a tool that not only collected data about these components but also gave detailed insights into how they contribute to the system.


Upon implementing Distributed Insights, Alex was met with a revealing aspect. Out of a total of 16,211 analyzed metrics, through the bucketed insights, the top two players commanded an impressive 89.49% share.

Use Case 3: Bar Insights

Meet Emily, a data visualization specialist determined to distill complex system data into actionable insights.

This journey opened up as Emily sought to solve the distribution dynamics of critical components—Tomcat, Loadbalancer, Transaction KPI, Server, and Database.

Emily’s role involved transforming raw data into visually compelling narratives that could drive strategic decision-making.


The “Top 5 Component Distribution” chart offered a clear snapshot of the dominance of critical system elements. Out of the analyzed components, Transaction KPI emerged as the front-runner, commanding the highest percentage, while Server took the lowest spot.

Use Case 4: Info Insights

Meet James, a system administrator responsible for ensuring the health and reliability of a network of servers. In his mission to effortlessly monitor server statuses, he turned to the intuitive capabilities of Info Insight—a visualization designed to transform complex server data into clear, actionable insights.

The need to quickly assess server statuses and identify anomalies prompted James to seek a tool that could provide instant, at-a-glance insights.


Upon configuring the Info Insight, James was met with a prominent and dynamic display.  The insight card boldly displayed the health status of a specific server, using descriptors like “Good,” “Fair,” and more.

Use Case 5: RUM (Real User Monitoring) Arrow Insights

Meet Jessica, a bank’s operations manager dedicated to delivering exceptional user experiences across digital touchpoints. In her exploration of user observability solutions, Jessica stumbled upon the customized RUM Arrow Insights feature from vuSmartMaps. The arrows, dynamically moving across various touchpoints, elegantly depicted real user interactions in real time.


The arrows aren’t just aesthetic; they carry valuable information. The color, and direction of each arrow communicated user satisfaction, load times, and navigation patterns.

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