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The Report Builder module within vuSmartMaps™ offers comprehensive capabilities for administrators to create and manage various reports, including long-term data storage reports. Users can conveniently access and manipulate report details such as name, status, schedule, and creation/modification time, and perform actions like editing, deleting, or generating reports directly from this interface.

Accessing Reports

To access Reports:

  1. Login to vuSmartMaps.
  2. For configuring the reports, navigate to the left navigation menu > Configure Observability > Report Builder.

Report Builder under Configure Observability is used to edit and create reports.

On clicking Reports Builder under Configure Observability, you will be redirected to the following page.

It lists all reports created by admins, allowing the admin users to create various reports like long-term data storage reports. Users can view report details such as name, status, schedule, and creation/modification time, and perform actions like editing, deleting, or generating reports directly from this interface.

Following are the steps outlined to create a report in the Report Builder

  1. Click + Create New Report in the “Report Builder” tab.
  2. Follow these steps: 
  3. Click Save to create the report.
  4. Additionally, access features to view, edit, delete, manage permissions, generate, duplicate, or update reports.

For more information on creating and managing reports, please refer to the Working with Reports page.

Further Reading

Explore further working with Reports


If you encounter issues, first check the report status under the Generated Reports tab. If it fails, access tracking information to diagnose the problem. If needed, reach out to your administrator for assistance. For more information refer to Report Tracking information.

Yes, reports can be generated from specific sources including dashboards, data models, and data sources such as Elasticsearch and PSQL. Select the appropriate source during report creation.

With Object-level Permissions under Report Builder, an admin can grant view and modify permissions based on the user role.  Refer to our user guide’s “Permissions” section to understand how to manage permissions effectively.

With vuSmartMaps, administrators can easily schedule reports through the Report Builder. This ensures the timely delivery of critical insights without manual intervention, freeing up valuable time for other tasks.

Absolutely! Administrators have full control over scheduling frequencies, allowing them to align reports with business cycles, compliance deadlines, or other operational requirements effortlessly.

vuSmartMaps offers convenient delivery options, including email distribution. As a business analyst, you can configure distribution channels during report generation to ensure reports reach the right stakeholders promptly, facilitating informed decision-making.

Yes! With vuSmartMaps, you can generate on-demand reports instantly. Navigate to Observability > Reports, specify your criteria, and generate the report with a few clicks, ensuring you have the insights you need when you need them. With vuSmartMaps, you can access custom reports that precisely match your organization’s unique requirements. Simply adjust report parameters during generation to focus on the data that matters most to your analysis, and you can generate reports even at the last minute.

No, there is currently no built-in feature to set up alerts for report generation failures or data anomalies. You will need to manually monitor the reports and check the tracking information under the Generated Reports tab for any issues.

Currently, the Reports Module does not support merging multiple reports directly. However, you can download individual reports and combine them manually using document editing software.

If a report is deleted, it cannot be restored or retrieved. You will need to recreate the report from the beginning using the original data sources and configurations.

No, currently, notifications about the status of report generation are only available via email. Other channels, such as SMS or Slack, are not yet supported for these notifications.

Yes, you can share reports with users outside of your organization. To do this, generate the report and use the “Configure Distribution Channels” option to add the external email addresses where you want the report to be sent. Ensure that sensitive data is handled appropriately when sharing reports externally.


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