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Product Overview


Welcome to our suite of observability solutions, offered by our suite of products – vuInfra360, vuLogX, vuApp360, and vuBJM. In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the need for real-time insights into infrastructure, logs, applications, and business journeys is more critical than ever. Our suite empowers organizations to achieve end-to-end visibility, proactive issue resolution, and enhanced operational efficiency across various domains.

vuInfra360 – Infrastructure Observability

vuInfra360 is an end-to-end network observability platform that helps monitor IT Network Infrastructure 24/7/365 across Fault, Configuration, and Performance aspects (FCAPS Model) and provides deep actionable insights using AI/ML algorithms.

It helps reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase the ROI (Return On Investments) overall. vuInfra360 powers some of the leading banks & large enterprises in India, managing 50K+ devices and 20K+ branches across the enterprise.

Product Capabilities

Unified Visibility Using a Wide Variety of Telemetry

  • vulnfra360 supports standard and proprietary interfaces to collect data through prepackaged vuBlocks with 300+ adaptors.
  • Dynamic and static data enrichment is used to improve contextualisation

Interactive and Configurable Dashboard

  • vulnfra360’s interactive visualization dashboard allows different user types to create different views, such as CXO Storyboards, Call Center views, etc
  • Every user can view data, metrics, and usage patterns with a unique slice-and-dice view across multiple dimensions and create insightful reports.

AI-first platform with ML-based Automated Insight

  • vulnfra360 uses ML to forecast failures, detect anomalies in the behavior of systems and signals, and compute operational KPIs that are predictive.
  • Receive contextual and correlated alerts at your convenience via email, SMS WhatsApp, or other channels.

Integration with ITSM, Ticketing and Automation

  • Get a complete picture of events and data from all sources through alert integration APIs to external tools, bidirectional integration, cloud ticket tool integration, etc.
  • Create a library of execution Runbooks and receive alert APIs for repetitive or guided tasks.

Key Benefits

  • Get end-to-end infrastructure visibility: Know what’s happening on your networks with broad and deep coverage of over 300k devices. Monitor faults, and performance, and resolve issues all on a single dashboard.
  • Reduce MTTD with real-time alerts: vuInfra360 provides real-time, enriched alerts that are enhanced contextually before they arrive. By proactively identifying issues, you can also facilitate faster troubleshooting.
  • Leverage ML-based insights and inbuilt reports: With vuInfra360’s explainable AI, automated insights cards, and in-built reports, you get actionable recommendations without having to browse through TBs of data.

To learn more about vuInfra360 refer to this link

vuLogX – Deep Log Analytics

Discover, unify, and analyze data from across 500+ structured, unstructured, and proprietary data sources. vuLogX is built on model-driven architecture to give you enterprise-wide intelligent insights and accelerated diagnostics that enable proactive IT operations.

Product Capabilities

Fast and Scalable Log Management

  • Ingest multiple TBs of distributed log data with zero instrumentation enabled by a massive pre-built adapter library of 500+ log sources.
  • Largest configurable integration library to any source system along with the instant configuration of log sources to draw actionable insights.
  • Our pre-packaged agentless and agent-based non-intrusive adapters collect and interpret log data without impacting source system performance.

Actionable Intelligence from Dynamically  Enriched Data

  • Ingest and unify log data from diverse log formats and enrich it with business and domain context before feeding it to data-centric AI models for contextual and actionable insights.
  • Accurately detect anomalies with built-in MLOps for intelligent insights on anomalous log patterns to predict incidents such as performance degradation, system downtime, and more.

Transcend logs with interactive analytics and captivating storyboards

  • Create interactive storyboards with easy and varied visualisation of context-rich data enabling effective analysis and action taken by users.
  • Create different storyboard views for different user personas (CXO, Operations Teams), allowing to slice and dice data across multiple dimensions as required.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid troubleshooting with effective RCA: Visualise consolidated data on interactive dashboards, quickly and easily to conduct faster Root Cause Analysis and reduce MTTR.
  • Predict and resolve incidents proactively: Monitor key logs, metrics, and traces to proactively detect anomalies that find and fix issues before they affect users.
  • Stay notified with real-time alerting: Easily configure advanced alerts and get notified via multiple channels through contextual alerts for reduced alert fatigue.
  • Scalable and flexible log management: vuLogX’s platform components are proven to work for TBs of data, processing billions of transactions on SaaS and on-premise deployments.

To learn more about vuLogX refer to this link

vuApp360 – Application Observability

With vuApp360 you can seamlessly navigate and have a bird’s eye view of your complex application landscape. Maintain vigilant oversight of application performance, swiftly identify and rectify issues, enhance application efficiency, and optimize the use of resources to ensure your customers enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

Product Capabilities

Gain Comprehensive Insight into your Application Landscape

  • vuApp360 tracks key application metrics: request rate, error rate, and duration
  • Site level analysis – Analyse application performance (RED) based on location
  • Association of services to applications – Easier for CXOs to analyze business impact
  • Explore your application’s internal mechanics with code-level observability

Service Map – Understand How Services Interact

  • Visualise interactions between different components in your application in real-time
  • Filters and drill-downs to provide deeper insights into performance bottlenecks
  • Get the quick bird’s eye view for the CXOs

Distributed Tracing for Precise Insights

  • Trace every transaction across your complex microservices architecture to identify the root cause of IT problems
  • Automated insights to deep dive into root cause analysis (RCA) and potential next steps
  • Make data-driven decisions by capturing detailed behavioral information delivered by traces. (ex: how application latency is distributed among code components)
  • Intelligent Alerts to spot problematic code paths and fix issues before affecting critical users

Instrumentation and Ingestion through OpenTelemetry

  • Comprehending the application’s internal state through code insertion (instrumentation)
  • Automatically discover and map components of your applications, service interactions, and dependencies within your complex microservices architecture
  • Ensures that telemetry data is correctly correlated, providing a complete picture of transactions and workflows

Key Benefits

  • Real-time Observability: Single snapshot of service metrics, deployments, errors, latencies, and incidents through a single pane of glass
  • Faster resolution of performance problems: Identify failed or delayed transactions faster for reduced MTTD and MTTR
  • Increased application stability and uptime: Availability delivering superior performance as you intended
  • Accelerated and enhanced software releases: DevOps Team proficient in managing application interactions and dependencies

To learn more about vuApp360 refer to this link

vuBJM – Business Journey Observability

Get real-time, deep, actionable insights to improve customer experience through unified visibility across enterprise-wide touchpoints.

An AI-first platform that not only monitors your business transactions to manage IT operations in real-time but also provides an end-to-end customer journey view to make critical business decisions and elevate your customer experience for on-premise, SaaS, or hybrid environments.

Product Capabilities

Real-Time Data with Dynamic Enrichment

  • Capture data from any source in real time and map it to predefined industry-specific data formats
  • Get support from our well-defined and extensive common data model
  • Real-time view of data enriched with business, domain, and environment context

Correlate Multiple Touchpoints for Complete Visibility

  • Get a unified view of transaction data across multiple touchpoints with the dynamic correlation of data.
  • Identify the impact of issues and avert business impact and revenue loss.
  • Get faster issue identification and RCA for quick incident resolution.

Embrace configurable business analytics, actionable insights, and KPIs

  • Configure and create your own KPIs and storyboards with an available library of widgets.
  • The patent pending 3T data correlation approach allows for better business insights and outcomes.
  • Industry-standard data definitions and scalable data lake allow for better data discovery with no data loss.
  • Better collaboration between teams, easing issue resolution for enhanced customer experience.

ML- Model-Driven Dynamic Alerting on Performance

  • Forecast failures and anomalies in the behavior of systems and signals with ease, using the MLOps capability.
  • Generate predictive, contextual, and correlated alerts in real-time with ML-based data aiding for higher efficiency.
  • Receive contextual and correlated alerts at your convenience via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or other channels.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce lost revenue: Get a complete view of customers’ transactions, detect issues early, avoid escalations and failures, and avert revenue loss.
  • Connected views at scale: Ingest and enrich data in real time to create a business journey map of a transaction, providing a single source of truth across teams.
  • Predict and resolve issues: Monitor data and create your KPIs to predict future incidents with granular drill-downs that allow quick RCA and resolution.
  • Adapt to any business scenario: With pre-configured adapters, you can ingest all conceivable data formats and map them to adapt to any use case scenario.

To learn more about vuBJM refer to this link


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