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VuNet Systems Wins the Prestigious Technoviti 2024 Award

VuNet Systems has been honored with the Innovation in Banking at Technoviti 2024, held at Sahara Star, Mumbai. This accolade recognizes the commitment to pioneering advancements of VuNet’s Observability Platform - vuSmartMaps™ for Banking and Financial Services.

Technoviti 2024, in its 10th edition, celebrates technological innovations shaping the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) ecosystem. The event fosters collaboration between established tech players, FinTech startups, and tech giants, driving the sector towards a thriving future.

Technoviti 2024

Ashwin Ramachandran, CEO of VuNet Systems, expressed his delight: “We are glad to share our Technoviti award from Banking Frontiers for innovation. Deloitte’s 2024 Banking Industry Outlook demonstrated the need for banks to keep pace with new technologies like artificial intelligence. It gives us immense pride that we are contributing to such innovations for the industry in the realm of Observability. Congratulations to the team and thanks to the Jury for the recognition!”

According to Accenture, 82% of banks are increasing AI investments, underscoring the transformational power of technology. VuNet Systems is proud to be at the forefront of this technology shift, leveraging AI to revolutionize customer experience and operational efficiency.

For more information, visit VuNet Systems.

About VuNet Systems

VuNet’s Business-Centric Observability platform, vuSmartMaps™ seamlessly links IT performance to business metrics and business journey performance. It empowers SRE and IT Ops teams to improve service success rates and transaction response times, while simultaneously providing business teams with critical, real-time insights. This enables faster incident detection and response.

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