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VuNet Systems Wins Prestigious “Innovation in Banking Observability” Award at BFSI Confluence

VuNet Systems, a leader in Business Centric Observablity is proud to announce that it has been awarded the "Innovation in Banking Observability" accolade at the BFSI Confluence event organized by ObserveNow. The award ceremony was conducted at President, Mumbai, recognizing VuNet’s groundbreaking contributions to the banking and financial services industry.

The BFSI Confluence event, a prominent gathering for banking, financial services, and insurance professionals, celebrates excellence and innovation in the industry. VuNet Systems was honoured for its cutting-edge observability platform that helps unravel customer issues by providing unified visibility of the enterprise IT performance through an end-to-end journey view.

Ashwin Ramachandran, Co-founder & CEO expressed delight at receiving the award, stating, “We are honoured to be recognized for our innovative solution in banking observability. This award recognizing the “Make In India” platform, underlines our focus towards delivering real-time visibility of digital payments. Our team’s dedication in deploying the platform at scale and delivering exceptional value to our clients has been critical to this success.”

Recently, VuNet was also honoured in the Forbes DGEMS Select 200 Companies and awarded the EMERGE50 by NASSCOM, further solidifying its position as an industry leader.

About VuNet Systems

VuNet’s Business Journey Observability Platform, vuSmartMaps™ delivers unified visibility of digital journeys. The Domain-centric Observability platform translates IT performance into business impact. The real-time end-to-end visibility and top-down driven correlated insights fosters collaboration across business, SRE, DevOps and IT teams, facilitating faster incident response and elevating customer experience.

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VuNet Systems Media Contact

Bharat Joshi ([email protected])

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