R&D Engineer


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Who We Are

At VuNet, we are building next generation products that use a full stack product with big data and machine learning in innovative ways to monitor customer journeys and improve user experience. Our next generation systems are helping the largest financial institutions to improve their digital payment experience, driving more financial inclusion across the country. 

We empower our teams to solve hard problems – customer and business problems – in ways that our customers love. Great ideas get converted to extraordinary products and reach the customers in the shortest time. Our teams are cross functional, immerse into details, engage in collaborative debate and work with a shared purpose of creating a world class product company. 

Imagine what you could do here. 

The R&D Engineer is go-to person for all internal and external new tech exploration requests, mainly the request would be around (but not limited to) instrumenting the customer's application to collect logs, metrics and traces. Customer’s application could be of a different programming language using different tech stacks. Need to be open to take any tech variation, wear a research hat to deep drive and find out various instrumentation approaches and pick the best one to implement. We are looking for a strong, enthusiastic self-driven R&D engineer to join as a member of this group. You will have a tremendous amount of individual responsibility and influence over the direction the backend of many critical vuNet's products take for years to come. Your responsibilities include working closely with other engineering team members, and interacting with product, design, content, business and many other groups to deliver world-class software solutions.Our team is not afraid to question assumptions and given the demand, our team needs to break new grounds from creating entirely new platform architectures from high speed data indexing to storage, go deep into platform scale for streaming data to innovative ways of looking at combining various modules together for a seamless user experience. As part of this team, you also need to have excellent communication skills as your responsibilities include working closely with other engineering team members, and interacting with product, design, content, business and many other groups to deliver world-class software solutions. 

If you want to be part of the VuNet team, this position is for you. Join VuNet, and help us leave the world better than we found it.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Instrument standard, third-party and customer application to collect logs, metrics and traces. 
  • Open to take up any new technical problem and research to arrive at all possible solution options.

  • Create technical proposals (covering all feasible options) and cover pros and cons of each approach.

  • Present and review the solution approach and tech choices with the internal team and/or customer.

  • Arrive at detailed design, code and unit-test as per selected solution approach.

  • Integrate with existing applications, deploy and perform integration testing.

  • Train internal and external teams for usage, configuration update and future optimization.

  • Take complete ownership and responsibility for the successful delivery of the solution.

  • Embrace good development practices including design specification, coding standards, unit testing and code reviews. 

  • Support any Java/Python/Go based development activities on a need basis.

Skills & Experience

  • Mandatory Skills 
    • Minimum 3 to 5 years of excellent Programming experience in at least 3 programming languages from below list.

      • Java, Python, Go, JS, PHP, .NET.

    • Working experience in instrumentation to collect logs, traces and metrics from open-source, third-party and custom applications.

    • Working knowledge in any one of remote monitoring/management platforms like EMS, NMS, security/availability/infra monitoring or observability platform.

    • Working knowledge in developing multi threaded applications, file handling and socket programming using Java.

    • Experience in handling collection and processing large volumes of data injected at high data-rate.

    • Open to take up any new tech work, research, come up with solutions in a fast phase.

    • Strong communication skills.

    • Good analytical skills.

    • Ability to work in a team.

    • Eye for detail and identifying problems.

    • Shown success as an individual contributor and ability to communicate in great detail.

    • Interest and aptitude to learn new technologies and domains.

  • Good to have skills 
    • Auto-instrumentation with OpenTelemetry.
    • Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Remote remediation to fix availability/infra/security issues.
    • Elasticsearch, Kafka, Apache Spark, Redis, Cassandra, Hadoop, MySQL.

How To Apply

If you are interested, fill the form below or e-mail us at, with your resume and an explanation of why you would be a good fit. We look forward to hearing from you.