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vuSmartMaps Homepage

The vuSmartMaps homepage is the introductory landing page of the platform, accessible from the vuSmartMaps tab. It consists of three main sections:

  1. Customer Service Panel
  2. Recently Viewed Pages
  3. Explore

The homepage plays a crucial role in the vuSmartMaps platform for several reasons. It serves as the control panel for the platform that addresses the needs of the solution, operation, and business team. The main menu access will be restricted based on the user roles. The user with the admin role has complete access to the menu navigation.

Additionally, it provides a link to the user guide and tutorials, making it a valuable resource for users to learn how to use the platform effectively.

End users need to contact the administrator to get additional access.

Overall, the homepage is essential for users of vuSmartMaps as it offers a centralized hub for platform navigation and access to helpful resources.

Accessing the Homepage

To access the Homepage navigate to the Toggle menu-> App->  vuSmartMaps

On clicking the vuSmartMaps tab, you will be redirected to the following landing page.

Toggle Menu

If you click on the “Toggle Menu” at the top left, you will see a list of menu items. By clicking on any of them separately, you will be navigated to the menu or page based on your selection. It allows for quick access to different menus or features.

Following are the features listed under the toggle menu and their dropdown:

  • Home
  • Dashboards
    1. Playlists
    2. Snapshots
    3. Library panels
  • Observability
    1. APM
    2. Alert Console
    3. Reports
    4. RCA Incidents
  • Data Ingestion
    1. 011ySources
    2. Data Stream
    3. Data Enrichment
    4. Import Data
  • Configure Observability
    1. Data Modelling Workspace
    2. Alert
    3. Reports
    4. RCA Workspace
    5. UTM
    6. Insights
    7. Mobile Dashboards
  • Data Management
    1. Data Source
    2. Data Retention
    3. Data Storage
  • Platform Settings
    1. Definitions
    2. Preferences
    3. Resource Management
  • Account Management
    1. User Management
    2. License Management
    3. About
  • Explore
  • Apps
    1. vuSmartMaps
    2. vuCoreML
    3. vuLogDna
  • Administrations
    1. Data Sources
    2. Plugin
    3. Users
    4. Teams
    5. Service accounts
    6. Default Preference
    7. Settings
    8. Organizations
    9. Stats and License

Details on Homepage

Customer Service Panel

As shown in the above screenshot the customer service panel contains links to the following modules:

  • User Guide

Recently Viewed Pages

This section contains the list of Pages that you previously visited (the latest 5 pages previously visited). Thus, it provides an easy way to revisit the pages without searching for them. It is to be noted that this list of recently viewed pages will be specific to the logged-in user.


The various features of vuSmartMaps can be found in the Explore section. By clicking on each of them separately, you can learn more about it (You can refer to the user guide for each section).

The following features of vuSmartMaps are listed in this section:

  • APM
  • Alerting
    1. Alert
    2. Alert Console

  • Data
    1. 011ySources
    2. Data Stream
    3. Data Enrichment
    4. Data Modelling Workspace
    5. Import Data

  • Resource Management
  • Reports

  • Settings
    1. Definitions
    2. License Management
    3. Preferences
    4. About
    5. User Management

  • Storage
    1. Data Storage
    2. Data Retention

  • Visual Configuration
    1. Mobile Dashboards
    2. Unified Transaction Maps
    3. Insights

Therefore, You have learned how to navigate to the vuSmartMaps Homepage once you log in. You have also learned the basic overview of the Homepage which includes the Customer Service Panel, Recently Viewed Pages, and Explore Section. Next, you will learn about the different sections in the vuSmartMaps and how to configure them.



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