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On the “About” page of vuSmartMaps™, you’ll find essential information about the software and your company:

  1. Software Version:
    The software version of vuSmartMaps is prominently displayed on this page. It helps you identify the current version installed for your setup.
  2. Company Information:
    Alongside the software version, you can access various company-related details on this page. These details are valuable for generating reports and gaining insights into vuSmartMaps.

Importance of the About Section in vuSmartMaps

The “About” section plays a vital role within the vuSmartMaps platform for the following reasons:

  1. Version Checking:
    vuSmartMaps periodically releases new versions of the platform to enhance functionality, security, and user experience. The “About” section allows you to quickly check the installed version to keep your platform up-to-date.
  2. Company Information for Reporting:
    Beyond software version information, the “About” section provides access to company-related data. This data is crucial for generating accurate reports and making informed decisions within your organization. Alongside, any update in the company information can be done here.

💡Note: The registered details of the company, available with VuNet are configured here. Email ID configured here will be notified about license validity, license expiry, and system diagnostics information in case of errors.

Navigating through the About Page

The Definitions page can be accessed from the platform left navigation menu by navigating to Account Management > About.

On clicking the About, you will be redirected to the following landing page.

Details on the About Page

As shown in the above screenshot, there are two details on the About page:

  1. Company Information
  2. Software Release

Company Information

Company information consists of the following:

  1. Company Name
  2. Email: The email ID configured here will be notified about license validity, license expiry, and system diagnostics information in case of errors.
  3. Phone number

Software Release

Software release details consist of the Version number of vuSmartMaps.

Updating Company Information

There is an Edit button (on the top right corner) to update the company information.

Clicking on the Edit button shall redirect you to the following dialog box, where necessary details may be updated.

💡Note: The company name on the About page must be updated before the Licence upload. Post license update, the Company name editing should be avoided.


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