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Operations on the Alerts Listed

Within the Alert Listing table, you have several operations at your disposal:
  1. Search: Utilize the search bar to find specific events that match your search string.
  2. Sort: You can arrange the events list in ascending or descending order by clicking on the field headers.
  3. Filter: Filter the event list based on filter options accessible under the filter button. Selected filters will be displayed at the top, and you can choose their values.


On the Alert Console page, you can tailor the view to your specific needs by configuring the following: 1. Configure Displayed Fields: Click the Manage Columns button at the top right of the event listing table. A dialog will appear with a list of available fields for the event summary. Select the fields you want to see and save your configuration. Your chosen fields will remain the same each time you log in. Disabled fields are listed at the bottom in the “Manage Columns” dropdown as shown below. 2. Adjust Alerts Display: You can use the dropdown selector at the bottom right of the page to choose the number of events to display in the listing table.

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