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In IT operations, log management, and analysis become pivotal for achieving end-to-end visibility. This section takes a deep dive into the core workflow of vuSmartMaps™, focusing on how vuSmartMaps transforms raw log data into Contextualized actionable insights, such as proactive issue detection, performance optimization recommendations, and security threat alerts. The integration of real-world use cases seamlessly illustrates the transformative impact of vuSmartMaps on IT operations.

Elevate Incident Response with Advanced Log Analytics: Seamless Management & Analysis

vuSmartMaps redefines log management by seamlessly orchestrating the incident response. As an incident unfolds, the platform captures intricate logs from diverse sources, providing a comprehensive view of the applications and the system’s health. The journey begins with the ingestion of logs from network devices, servers, middleware, databases, and beyond. This comprehensive data collection forms the foundation for advanced log analytics.

Log Ingestion: Unveiling System Narratives

The journey begins as vuSmartMaps seamlessly ingests logs from a diverse and complex infrastructure, encompassing network devices, servers, middleware, and databases. This comprehensive data collection is facilitated through versatile log ingestion methods such as agent-based, Syslog-based, Windows Event, etc., laying the groundwork for advanced log analytics.

The platform’s adaptability to various log formats ensures compatibility with an array of sources, offering organizations flexibility and efficiency in harnessing insights from their log data. Whether it’s capturing the heartbeat of servers, deciphering network communications, or unraveling database transactions, vuSmartMaps’ log ingestion process provides a holistic view, empowering organizations to derive actionable intelligence from the narratives woven into their system logs.

Transaction-Centric Analysis: Pinpointing Failures with Precision

In the case of transaction processing, vuSmartMaps retraces the steps of a transaction by analyzing logs. It pinpoints the precise point of failure, ensuring swift identification and resolution of issues within minutes. By associating logs with specific transactions, the platform provides a detailed overview of each transaction’s journey through the system, contributing to an average issue resolution time reduction of ~30%.

Correlating Microservices: Unraveling Complex Interactions

For organizations embracing microservices, vuSmartMaps is capable of correlating all the legs of the specific transaction, even when logs are recorded in multiple microservices and applications. This consolidated view helps investigate the complexities of interactions between microservices, enabling IT teams to pinpoint bottlenecks and optimize overall system performance. Through seamless log correlation, the platform provides a cohesive narrative of complex transactions spanning multiple services.

Configurable Dashboards: Tailored for Business Insights

Transforming raw log data into interactive dashboards tailored to specific business needs, vuSmartMaps empowers IT managers with real-time metrics, such as response time, error rates, and system resource utilization. Instant visual representation enables quick decision-making, ensuring optimal application performance and a seamless user experience. These hyper-configurable dashboards allow organizations to focus on the metrics most relevant to their business goals.

For log analytics use cases, efficient search functionality is important. In vuSmartMaps, we recognize the significance of context-based filtering and have incorporated a search feature akin to Google-like search in our log management capabilities. This ensures that users can quickly locate specific information within logs, streamlining the investigative process and providing a seamless experience for users relying on detailed log data.

Real-World Use Cases: Applications in Action

In this section, we discuss use cases to demonstrate the tailored log management capabilities of vuSmartMaps. It optimizes operations, enhances visibility, and delivers exceptional services to customers. The platform’s unified approach to log management ensures that critical applications operate seamlessly, resulting in a tangible improvement in services. This is reflected in metrics such as a significant reduction in system downtime, a notable decrease in incident resolution time, and an impressive increase in overall system reliability, all contributing to the delivery of exceptional services to customers.

Unlocking Operational Efficiency with Advanced Log Analytics: A Middleware Use Case

In this section, we’ll explore a real-world scenario demonstrating how advanced log analytics for middleware in vuSmartMaps significantly boosts compliance and operational efficiency. Let’s explore how this feature caters to the unique challenges faced by a leading financial institution operating a complex middleware infrastructure.

Challenge: Managing Middleware Complexity

The financial institutions, responsible for critical banking applications, face challenges managing middleware logs. The regulatory compliance demands necessitate a thorough approach to log analytics. Therefore, the operational teams need a solution to streamline middleware monitoring and troubleshooting.

Solution: vuSmartMaps Advanced Log Analytics Workflow

vuSmartMaps seamlessly ingests logs from diverse middleware components, including application servers, message brokers, and integration platforms. The advanced log analytics feature automatically parses and enriches middleware logs. The platform correlates middleware logs with application performance metrics and infrastructure logs. The operational team can quickly identify the source of issues, whether in middleware components or downstream applications.

Outcome: Strengthened Compliance and Operational Resilience

By implementing advanced log analytics for middleware in vuSmartMaps, our financial institution achieves a robust and compliant log management strategy. The platform’s automated parsing, real-time anomaly detection, and correlation capabilities empower the operational team to navigate the intricacies of middleware logs efficiently. As a result, the institution strengthens its compliance posture, enhances operational resilience, and ensures the seamless performance of critical banking applications.

Elevating Banking Operations with Comprehensive Log Management

Now, let’s turn our attention to another compelling use case that illustrates how vuSmartMaps transforms log management for a banking application, enhancing visibility and operational efficiency.

Challenge: Log Overload in Banking Operations

In the huge transformation in the digital world, banks are building their application architecture in asynchronous mode to handle a massive volume of transactions and velocity. Additionally, most financial transactions require multiple calls between applications and partners to serve a single transaction (Example: Pay, Collect, and Mandate in Instant Payments). As a result, logs of the request and its response are recorded in different services. Having a holistic view of one or more transactions during failure times is very challenging for operational users in this kind of environment.

Solution: vuSmartMaps Comprehensive Log Management Workflow

vuSmartMaps acts as a centralized hub for ingesting logs from various banking applications, including Internet banking, payment processes, core banking systems, 3D Secure, Instant Payments, NACH, etc. The platform’s log parsing capabilities automatically correlate the logs of the specific transactions using the metadata and domain-centric algorithm, categorizing them based on application types, transaction types, and critical events. Automated alerting ensures that the team is promptly notified of critical issues, enabling proactive response and minimizing downtime in banking services. The platform visualizes configurable dashboards tailored to banking operations, displaying key metrics such as transaction success rates, response times, error rates, etc.

Outcome: Streamlined Banking Operations and Enhanced User Experience

By leveraging vuSmartMaps for comprehensive log management, our banking institution transforms its operational landscape. The centralized log repository, automated parsing, and real-time log analytics contribute to streamlined banking operations. The operational team gains quick insights into application performance, identifies potential issues, and ensures a seamless and secure user experience for banking organizations.

Enhancing Precision in Real-Time Trading with vuSmartMaps

In the fast-paced application of real-time trading, where every microsecond counts, vuSmartMaps emerges as a game-changer. This use case of real-time trading delves into how vuSmartMaps’s log analysis and microservice tracing capabilities bring unparalleled precision to the intricacies of transaction workflows.

Challenge: Navigating Complexity in Real-Time Trading

In real-time trading applications, organizations need help comprehending the transaction workflows. The complex nature of microservice interactions within the trading application introduces hurdles, such as ensuring real-time synchronization of market data across multiple platforms and optimizing order execution speed for competitive advantage. The operational team requires a granular understanding of the individual components involved in each transaction to enhance the context.

Solution: vuSmartMaps Precision in Transaction Log Analysis

vuSmartMaps seamlessly acquires logs from various components of the trading application, including order execution services, market data feeds, and trade settlement processes. vuSmartMaps traces the entire journey of micro legs within the transaction flow. This includes order placement, execution, and settlement phases. The platform’s ability to correlate logs from different microservices provides visibility into the transactions.

Outcome: Seamless Trading Experiences and Operational Excellence

With vuSmartMaps to observe micro legs in real-time trading, the organizations enhance transaction context, providing a granular view of each micro leg’s contribution to the overall transaction flow.


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