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Data Storage Configuration

Managing Data Storage

The Data Storage page can be accessed from the platform left navigation menu by navigating to Data Management > Data Storage.

The landing page on clicking the Data Storage looks like the following:

On the data storage landing page, you’ll find key performance indicators (KPIs) at the top. These KPIs provide quantitative information about the number of open indices, closed indices, and indices currently in the loading stage in the active indices tab.

Actions on Active Indices

To change the status of indices, the following action buttons are available on the top-right corner:

  1. Refresh
  2. Open
  3. Close
  4. Archive

💡Note: Open, close, and archive buttons are enabled after selecting indices.

Clicking on the respective action button (OpenClose, or Archive) opens a pop-up for confirmation of the action. Clicking Okay will perform the requested operation. The status of the indices will be updated accordingly. The status of indices may be checked by refreshing after some time.

Archiving and Retrieving of Indices

You can archive an index in vuSmartMaps™ to release all resources from the active data area. The main difference between closing and archiving an index is that archiving creates a data copy in your designated backup storage. This action frees up resources, including disk space, in the active data section of vuSmartMaps.

You have the option to upload archived indices to long-term storage for safekeeping. If needed, you can archive a group of indices together. Should you wish to retrieve an archived index, vuSmartMaps allows you to do so at any time. Once retrieved, all the data from that index returns to the vuSmartMaps system.

Restoring Archived Indices

  1. You can find your archived indices in the “Archived Indices” tab on the Data Storage page.

  2. To restore the archived indices, select the indices that you want to restore and then click on the Restore button in the top-right corner.

  3. Clicking on the Restore button will bring a pop-up message, confirming which indices will be restored to active state.

Deleting Archived Indices

  1. The archived indices can be deleted if no longer required with the Delete icon.

  2. Confirming the delete message on the pop-up will remove the indices from archived, and the indices will be deleted from data storage.


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