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Configure Insight Card Visualization

In this section, you can add a new insight and configure it on the panel creation page. It consists of the following steps.


Before configuring, set the Data Source as “Vunet (provisioned) ”, as Insights can be accessed only through this.

Step 1: Create a Dashboard

On the Toggle menu, click on the Dashboards tab and Click on New Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on + Add Visualization

Step 3: Select Data Source as Vunet (Provisioned)

Step 4: To change the visualization, click on the dropdown on the top right and select “Insight”

Step 5: Select the Query Type as “Insights”

Step 6: Choose the Insight Card from the dropdown.

Step 7: Sample Results – The sample results for HTML, Markdown, or Text Insights Visualization.

  • Visualization for HTML type Insight:

  • Visualization for Markdown type Insight:

  • Visualization for Text type Insight:

Dashboard Filters for Insights

Filters are used to narrow down the data displayed in dashboards and visualizations based on specific criteria. 

Filters allow you to define conditions and apply them to one or more data sources, queries, or panels within a dashboard. By using filters, you can dynamically modify the displayed data to focus on specific aspects or subsets of your metrics or logs.


  • Before configuring the filters for Insights, one of the key prerequisites is configuring the Data Model appropriately
  • The Data Model should contain the necessary column names that the user intends to use as filters in the dashboard. By ensuring that the Data Model includes the required column names, users can effectively create variables and use them as a filter in the dashboard.
  • Once the Data Model is configured, you should configure the UTM and Insight cards from Visual Configurations. Ex: SELECT c1, c2, c3 FROM T1 WHERE $__dynamicFilter(“c3”, “c3”)

Create a New Dashboard Filter

To create a new dashboard filter, consult the Dashboard User Guide for instructions. You can then apply the same filter to Insights visualizations.

How to Use The Filters

  1. Open the Dashboard for which you have created a filter. You will see the filters on the top. It will contain the default value that you have selected earlier.

  2. To use a different value, select that value from the list. 

    You can see that the filter values are applied and the Dashboard now displays the panel only for those values.

  3. You can similarly create other filters for other variable types and repeat the above steps.

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