Revolutionizing Ecosystem Communication with Transparent Business Insights

The WhatsApp Bot Module interface of VuNet’s Business Observability platform was deployed to streamline communication and collaboration across the ecosystem. Real-time alerts and metrics from its Observability platform were integrated into the widely used WhatsApp platform to break down barriers in information flow, enhancing the efficiency and transparency of ecosystem interactions. 

Real-Time Insights for Enhanced Banking Resilience

Corporate Banking Observability for a Large Private Bank to provide a comprehensive view into critical workflows – from file upload and payment processing to acknowledgement. The platform monitored and managed transactions worth $1B-$2B while improving processing efficiency and reducing delays.

Enhancing Core Banking Systems with Business-Centric Observability for a Leading Private Bank

vuSmartMaps, the Business Journey Observability platform, provided a comprehensive view of the CBS application, infrastructure and associated interface performance. The bank determined which upstream systems were affected during issues, allowing for targeted interventions. 

Achieve Seamless Transactions and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction with Bill Payment Observability

Optimizing Bill Payment Process for one of the largest Private Banks to provide real-time visibility of the entire bill payment ecosystem like channels, internal application touchpoints and external API interfaces. The solution enabled the bank to proactively resolve issues ensuring enhanced system performance.

Leveraging Real-Time Insights for Faster, Smarter Loan Processing

Streamlining Lending Operations for the Digital Loan Management application with vuSmartMaps, a Business Journey Observability Platform, tailored to provide deep visibility into the application and infrastructure. The integrated data from logs, metrics, and traces, provided a holistic view of the lending process, real-time insights and business metrics, and intelligent notifications for proactive incident response. 

Enhanced Middleware Log Analytics for Improved Compliance and Efficiency

$500K/annum savings for a leading Midsize Bank through vuLogX to overhaul Middleware (MQ) application at a scale of more than 10TB per day. The client reduced “Log Search Time” from 30 minutes to seconds and retained logs for a longer duration. 

Credit Card Onboarding Visibility for a Leading Small Finance Bank

Streamlined Credit Card Process and delivered a superior customer experience with real-time visibility into the onboarding process for a leading Small Finance Bank. VuNet’s platform provided a detailed, holistic view of the onboarding journey, enhancing operational efficiency. 

Elevating Customer Experience at Scale through Intelligent Insights 

Instant Payment Observability for India’s oldest Public Bank facing significant challenges with its rapidly increasing Digital Payments volumes. vuSmartMaps helped reduce failure rates and enhance performance improving Board-level confidence and achieving regulatory compliance. 

Reimagined Digital Banking Experience with Business Journey Observability

Business Journey Observability across the Bank’s high impact and high visibility customer transactions with a comprehensive birds-eye view for IT operations, enabled by vuSmartMaps™. The Observability platform helped the Bank gain an edge in an evolving competitive market of digital transactions and enhance their customers’ experience.

Enhancing Operational Visibility through Business Process Digitalization for a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC)

Improved Productivity and Digital Transformation through the Business Journey Monitoring Platform enabled a leading NBFC to gain a comprehensive and efficient view of its operations, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.