Superior IT operations through unified real-time visibility and AIOps for WEL

Superior IT operations through unified real-time visibility and AIOps for WEL

Demystifying IT Operations with VuNet

Unified real-time insights delivered by vuSmartMaps™ across WEL’s complex and global IT infrastructure, has empowered WEL’s IT team to take decisions in real-time to mitigate any issues and avert business loss. Employees are happier as their productivity is greatly improved as a result of automated remediation of incidents and reduced time spent on incident troubleshooting and report creation. The IT support process has been simplified by facilitating behavioral learning of environment enabled by Machine Learning.

WEL’s Need?

WEL’s business, encompassing their Consumer Care and Infrastructure Engineering groups, has invested in a diverse set of applications and infrastructure across the globe. Their IT landscape is characterised by a complex distributed 3-tier business application infrastructure in their data centre that included business process applications, third party middle wares, SAP ecosystem and other databases.

The complexity of their IT operations resulted in irreconcilable repetitive issues in their business critical applications that handled purchase orders and their secondary sales application.

In spite of deploying a plethora of monitoring tools, the IT team could not identify the root cause for service outages or application slowness. Most of the IT operations team routine work such as Issue detection, RCA, Report’s creation, gathering network details etc. was executed manually taking hours to days. Additionally, lack of well-defined and automated processes for issue identification and resolution resulted in lower efficiency and resolution ownership issues.

TO ensure their business-critical processes was always available without hindrance, WEL decided to streamline the process of monitoring their global IT infrastructure.

The Solution

In their search for a solution that met their needs, WEL engaged in a dialogue with VuNet systems to explore the platform vuSmartMaps™ an A1 enabled enterprise visibility and analytics platform that provides end-to-end visibility across the entire IT infrastructure. Understanding the issues that was hindering effective execution of their business critical processes, VuNet realised WEL needed unified, real-time visibility and insights.

With this realisation, VuNet assessed WEL’s issues and requirements resulting in a detailed solution that convinced WEL on the efficacy of vuSmartMaps™. WEL engaged VuNet to deploy vuSmartMaps™ in their Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

The implementation included aggregation of WEL’s diverse data sources such as servers (Web and devices, firewalls, branch routers, wan links, applications, BPM and databases (SAP and mySQL) to provide a unified view of the IT infrastructure and identify issues before it impacted their business.

Cloud implementation enabled accessibility and visibility of their IT infrastructure to WEL’s diverse IT operations team enabling them to resolve and mitigate issues anytime, anywhere.

Implementation on the cloud also helped WEL reduce their IT infrastructure delivering huge cost savings. Another first delivered to WEL is an A1-based Operational Performance Indicator (OPI) generated for every golden signal sent for any issues at a rolled-up IT infrastructure level.

With vuSmartMaps™, instant problem identification, faster issue remediation, increased application availability, transaction failures mitigation and superior user experience became a reality. The IT operations team had a unified visibility on the health, availability, performance of Servers, Network, Databases, Customer facing URLs.

The team’s effort expended on mundane activities such as anti-virus update and windows update check across the IT infrastructure was automated thus freeing up their time for business critical issues. The platform, built on Bigdata technology, provides WEL continuous intelligence by way of business value storyboards for CxOs and analytics for real-time insights and predictions.

With Machine Learning, behavioral learning of environment was enabled. With an easily extensible solution enabled by adaptors, additional use cases have been onboarded. Further applications and infrastructure cutting across their various manufacturing plants are set to be onboarded in a roadmap detailed out to provide a fillip to WEL’s digital transformation journey.

Benefits realised by WEL

On deploying vuSmartMaps™, WEL has realized a single source of truth and unified monitoring of their IT infrastructure spanning across their branches, servers, network, application and database infrastructure.

1. Seamless and effortless experience for WEL’s customers by:
  • Ensuring the customer facing URL’s are available and any issues are proactively resolved.
  • Running scheduled queries to ascertain customer secondary sales data is completely captured in the application database.
  • ESAT score was increased with enhanced user experience and satisfaction resultant of a feature rich solution.
  • WEL stakeholders could make informed decision with insights delivered by business and operational dashboards that had the ability to drill-down to the KPIs, anomalies and domain.
2. The team’s productivity was improved with:
  • 90% reduction in report creation time and 90% reduction in MTTR achieved from dashboards and data made available in real-time.
  • Automated queries of a checklist with 51 points, resulting in reduction in time spent daily on issue recognition from 90 minutes to 10 minutes.
  • Substantial reduction in time spent (from days to minutes) on incident troubleshooting and remediation.
  • Reduced number of alerts achieved by implementing Parent-n-Child alerts for branches.
  • Quick diagnosis of the issue enabling precise focus on the exact problem.
3. Improved IT Operations:
  • Avoid breakdowns and synchronise operations with proactive identification of any issues with CPU Or memory Or disk utilisation.
  • Automated IT Operational Performance, based on CPU, Memory, Infrastructure and Application (OPI) with Machine Learning based anomaly detection.
  • The extensibility feature of vuSmartMaps™, enabled by adapters provided for a wide range of server, network and application to be covered by the solution.

About WEL

WIPr0 Enterprises Limited (WEL) is a global organisation with a highly distributed environment of 15+ branches, pan India and global. WEL has Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting and Wipro Infrastructure Engineering under its umbrella. Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting is a leading FMCG business in Personal Care, Home Care, Lighting & Switches and Office Furniture.

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering is a diversified engineering business in the fields of Hydraulics, Water Treatment, Additive Manufacturing, Aerospace and Automation Solutions.

About VuNet

VuNet Systems is an A1 & Big Data analytics company offering enterprise IT performance monitoring solution – vuSmartMaps™. vuSmartMaps™ is next generation full stack observability solution built using big data and machine learning in innovative ways to monitor business journeys and improve user experience. On an average we monitor more than 2.5+ billion transactions per month.


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