Break Down Your Silos. Get the Zing back in IT Infrastructure Management.

Feature Highlights

Real Time Application and Network Maps

Get your application and network interactive maps, drawn out in minutes, using our state-of-the-art super fast and highly accurate discovery algorithms. It's built to be robust enough to handle anything thrown at it from multi-location networks to massive data centers. Go even one step further by customizing your maps with its drag 'n' drop facilities and grouping features to suit your view.

Aggregate and Correlate

Tap into the petabytes generated from the various tiers like IT infrastructure, security systems and business applications. Contextual data varies from device data such as hosted applications, vulnerabilities, configuration to more dynamic data like logs, application flow, user behaviour, server health and a whole lot more! Go one step further by adding groups, twitter type tags and even annotations on the map such as zone names and labels. Smart classifications are then applied to map all this data to your business context.

Create Stories From Your PetaBytes

Leverage the power of our analytics engine to analyze your peta bytes of data intelligently and slice and dice it as you see fit. With out of the box and customizable dashboards, get timely actionable insights to improve decision making. Collaborate further, by communicating and sharing from custom built reports to visual, interactive charts and geo maps.

Search and Rewind

Using its powerful built-in search features, dramatically increase your application availability by quick, meaningful search - Search anything from hostnames, IP addresses to access rules, logs and more. Comes built in with a repository, you can also play the snapshots back like a movie and see how your infrastructure has changed over time!

Augment data collection

Augment our data collection engines, with already existing data from asset management, vulnerability scanner or SIEM tools. This not only increases the fidelity of data, but also helps you in seeing layered views of your network, to get a better picture of what's transpiring on your network.

Use Powerful APIs

vuSmartMaps is an application built on top of our robust open platform called vuApp™ whose API’s are also exposed to you. You can develop your own applications on top of this layer and integrate with our products - Integrate with ticketing systems, notification systems, SIEM tools or things we have not thought of as yet on top of this layer.


Single Pane

Get an integrated view, across physical and hybrid cloud environments, with our intuitive visualization and analytics capabilities, right in your browser. Quickly understand the distributed nature of your application infrastructure and get real time visibility into your network movements. Customize and integrate to your enterprise business needs further using our powerful APIs

Increase Application Availability

Get the smart topology view to get deep awareness of your user experience, with deeper insights into application behaviour and network performance. Further with its rich repository of varied data across time, create customizable dashboards to monitor and troubleshoot health and critical application flow issues faster.

Improve Security Posture

With the visibility of the entire infrastructure, prioritize and detect threats using geo-location IP maps and DOS attacks faster. Simplify compliances and respond to incidents quickly, with quick access to real time reports and advanced search facilities, which can zip through your peta bytes of data.

Reimagine your IT Monitoring Experience!

Unlike anything else out there, vuSmartMaps is super quick and easy to implement. Within an hour, we will storyboard your entire IT infrastructure and vastly simplify your troubleshooting workflows. With its advanced correlation features, you can now get the complete end to end visibility of your applications, with the right metrics for your CXOs.